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Emmerdale lothario Bob Hope faces ‘huge test’ after BRUTAL dumping

When the strippers cancel Bob replaces them

Laurel doesn't see the funny side...

Emmerdale lothario Bob Hope will hit a new low when he’s ditched by Laurel Thomas in the ITV soap.

This week, ‘Baurel’ is no more when Laurel (played by Charlotte Bellamy) loses her patience and kicks her partner into touch. In the wake of the split, it’s no surprise that Bob (Tony Audenshaw) isn’t in a good place.

After all, he walked out on his marriage to Brenda to start a new life with Laurel, and uprooted his young twins, Heath and Cathy.

Emmerdale spoilers: Laurel Thomas is planning to ditch Bob Hope

This may look a happy scene in tonight's Emmerdale, but Laurel is already thinking of ditching Bob here - and later this week, when Bob gets his kit off in the pub, she takes devastating action which results in Bob's life spiralling out of control

Bob’s the kind of man who struggles without a woman by his side. However, this time singledom could be even more of a strain for the village Lothario. Let’s not forget, Bob has been living with Laurel at Mulberry Cottage – where will he go now?

“Bob’s gone from having two women in his life to having none,” an Emmerdale mole tells TV Times.

“He has no security or stability, and it’s going to be a huge test for him to get back on his feet...”

The final straw for Laurel comes this Thursday when Laurel returns to the village and finds Bob naked in the Woolie!

Bob’s had to cobble together a group of likely locals to strip when a gig he’d booked cancels on him and he decides to get in the swing of things.

But, Laurel, already tiring of Bob, can’t believe her man is in the boozer in just his boxers and gives him his marching orders! Poor old Bob!!

Will his life down take a dark spiral out of control?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.