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SHOCK in Emmerdale as Mandy Dingle drops huge baby bombshell

Liv tries to explain things to Mandy in Emmerdale

How will Paul react when Mandy makes a huge baby confession?

Emmerdale favourite Mandy Dingle has got huge baby news for Paul Ashdale next week, but where will the bombshell leave their relationship?

Mandy spends next week trying to matchmake Vinny and Liv, determined to see the pair hit it off.

Mandy is eager to matchmake Vinny and Liv in Emmerdale

Mandy starts her week by trying to matchmake Vinny and Liv (Picture: ITV)

Despite the fact Liv has told Mandy that she is asexual, Mandy will get her wires crossed about what that actually means.

Mandy is left red-faced when Vinny is forced to tell her what asexual actually means, leaving Vinny to apologise to Liv.

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However, soon Vinny's love life is the least of Mandy's worries when she overhears mum-to-be Tracy Metcalfe talking about her pregnancy.

Mandy's haunted by her heartbreaking past 

The baby talk is close to home for Mandy and she is reminded of the baby that she lost years ago after falling pregnant with Paul's child.

Tracy talk about her pregnancy stirs up uncomfortable memories for Mandy in Emmerdale

Tracy's pregnancy talk leaves Mandy upset (Picture: ITV)

The reminder sends Mandy into a spin, and later Vinny finds her crying.

Poor Mandy confesses what is wrong to Vinny, and the pair have a conversation about the terrible miscarriage that Mandy suffered.

Mandy asks Vinny not to tell Paul about the baby she lost in Emmerdale

Vinny and Mandy chat about her miscarriage ordeal (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale fans will remember that the news Mandy had fallen pregnant with Paul's baby when they were an item years ago was revealed during Mandy and Vinny's special lockdown double hander.

However, as the pair talk about the lost baby next week, little do they know Paul is upstairs and has heard everything.

Paul discovers the truth 

Mandy has always kept her ex in the dark about the baby she lost, having never had the change to tell him about the pregnancy after he left her and Vinny years ago.

Mandy asks Vinny not to tell Paul about the baby she lost

Paul hears Mandy talking about the baby she lost years before (Picture: ITV)

Paul is shocked by the baby bombshell and begs Mandy to forgive him for leaving her when she needed him the most.

To his relief Mandy agrees to forgive him, and Vinny later is pleased when he gets home to find Mandy and Paul have disappeared upstairs to make amends.

However, there is another twist heading for the family when Vinny goes through his dad's pocket to borrow some money, only to come across a betting slip.

Vinny confronts his dad

Vinny confronts Paul about his betting (Picture: ITV)

Paul recently promised that his gambling days were over, but does this shock discovery prove otherwise?

And how will Paul react when Vinny confronts him with the evidence?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.