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FIRE horror in Coronation Street leaves THIS family in danger tonight

'Fiz thinks Hope's getting out of control again,' reveals Jennie McAlpine

Fiz Stape is fearful in Coronation Street tonight that her daughter’s behaviour is completely out of control when a fire breaks out!

The family decide to throw a fireworks party for Hope, but are then stunned to find the back yard ablaze, with Hope clearly loving watching the flames. By getting so close to a raging fire Hope is clearly placing herself and her family in danger, but she doesn't seem to care and appears to be delighting in the fire she apparently caused.

Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Stape knows there’s no smoke without fire...

Fiz Stape is filled with fear when she finds Hope next to a fire tonight in Coronation Street

However, Kevin’s lad, Jack, points out that the blaze had already begun when he and Hope first went into the yard. Could there be another explanation to the fire?

But a desperate Fiz is convinced that her daughter started the fire deliberately and tells Tyrone in tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street that she also fears her little girl started the blaze at Underworld.

“Fiz has been keeping her suspicions a secret because she thought Hope would start behaving better,” reveals Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz.

“But when she thinks Hope's getting out of control again, she decides she’d better tell Tyrone the truth.”

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Later this week in Coronation Street, “Supernanny” Jade swoops in and offers to babysit the kids so Fiz and Tyrone can spend some time together.

But Jade has mischief on her mind and tells Evelyn she’s worried about Fiz’s parenting skills.

“Evelyn doesn’t like Jade; she thinks there’s something funny about her,” adds Jennie. “But Fiz just sees this amazing girl who her daughter responds to.”

Coronation Street spoilers: Hope pushes Fiz Stape to breaking point!

Fiz can't believe her eyes when she discovers a cigarette lighter in Hope's doll in Coronation Street on Wednesday

During Wednesday’s Coronation Street episodes, Fiz will be seen losing control when she finds a lighter in Hope’s doll.

Out of her mind with worry, Fiz ends up smashing Hope’s tablet.

But is everything as it seems in Weatherfield? Is Hope really as bad as everyone imagines?

Coronation Street continues tonight on ITV at 7.30pm.

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