General Hospital spoilers: A big return is coming to Port Charles, but who is he?

Maura West as Ava surprised in General Hospital
Maura West, General Hospital (Image credit: ABC/Christine Bartolucci)

Recently on the red carpet for the 51st Daytime Emmy Awards, a few General Hospital stars stopped to speak to the press and give the scoop on what’s happening in Port Charles this summer. While Steve Burton teased that his character Jason will be wrapping up some things with the FBI and Josslyn’s Eden McCoy pretty much said anything can happen between Dex (Evan Hofer) and Gio (Giovanni Mazza), it wasn’t a General Hospital star that dropped the biggest bombshell of the evening. 

As reported by ABC 7, series executive producer Frank Valentini made quite the announcement when he shared, "A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for him." Valentini didn’t announce who the "him" is, as the soap opera world loves surprising fans, so naturally we’ve been left to think about which character may be headed to Port Charles. 

Charles Shaughnessy as Victor smiling in General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy, General Hospital (Image credit: ABC/Christine Bartolucci)

Looking at the storylines going on right now, our first guess as to who the mystery comeback may be is Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy). Yes, he was presumed to have died on the Haunted Star after his plan for global destruction failed. However, his return from the dead wouldn’t be unheard of in Port Charles. 

Heck, Jason just came back to life for the umpteenth time this year. Plus, we have long suspected that Victor is the real head of Pikeman, and with Anna (Finola Hughes) and Jason more determined than ever to bring an end to the illegal organization, what better time to bring Victor back than now?

Our second guess in terms of a comeback is another Cassadine, and this time we mean Nikolas (Adam Huss). He’s currently offscreen serving time in prison for the crimes he committed against Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl). With Ava (Maura West) playing a dangerous game with Sonny (Maurice Benard) these days, which we tend to think could turn lethal, she could use an ally in Port Charles. Nikolas is still madly in love with Ava and would likely be her best bet in finding a way out of this mess. So will he soon appear to lend a helping hand?

Brian Craig as Morgan Corinthos in General Hospital

Brian Craig, General Hospital (Image credit: ABC/Disney)

The last guess we have for comebacks isn’t a Cassadine, but a Corinthos. For years now, General Hospital fans have practically been begging for Bryan Craig to return to the role of Morgan Corinthos. His complex character made for great soapy drama and him being back in Port Charles could really shake things up. 

Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny would be stunned and may be drawn together again romantically as they reunite with their son. Ava would be baffled to see Morgan given her act of switching his bipolar medication is partially what led to his death. Plus, the rest of Morgan’s family would be more than happy to have him back. 

That being said, Morgan did allegedly die a few years ago at the hands of a car bomb, but his body was never recovered. So it stands to reason that he could still be alive and resurface in the very near future. And heck, Morgan returning could help jolt Sonny into getting help for his recent mental health struggles. 

At this point, the only way to know who is coming back to the soap is to wait and see. And believe us, we’ll be impatiently waiting and eager to see. 

New episodes of General Hospital air on weekdays on ABC. If you miss an episode, you can catch up on Hulu.        

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