General Hospital spoilers: Josslyn and Trina’s friendship tested with the arrival of Gio?

Evan Hofer, Tabyana Ali and Eden McCoy as Dex, Trina and Josslyn at the pool in General Hospital
Evan Hofer, Tabyana Ali and Eden McCoy in General Hospital (Image credit: ABC/Frank Micelotta)

While many General Hospital fans will be focusing on Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase (Josh Swickard) during the week of May 13 as the duo looks to finally tie the knot, there are some other storylines surrounding the nuptials worth paying attention to. For example, Gregory’s (Gregory Harrison) health continues to be in decline leaving us to wonder how much time he has left on the soap, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Natalia (Eva LaRue) are possibly in the midst of kicking off their summer romance and with this being General Hospital, there’s also a good chance some chaos will unfold on the happy day. 

Now thanks to the arrival of Brook Lynn’s cousin Gio (Giovanni Mazza), a talented violinist who plays at the wedding, another storyline may surface once he crosses paths with the technically single Josslyn (Eden McCoy). 

For weeks, we’ve been suspecting that Josslyn would come to realize that her love for Dex (Evan Hofer) trumps any reasons she had to break up with, and the two would reunite. It was just May 10 when the two had a very pleasant conversation together in the park, leaving the biggest grin on Dex’s face. Unfortunately, their road to reconciliation may face a major roadblock should she hit things off with Gio, which we believe she might. 

Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer as Josslyn and Dex standing next to each other in General Hospital

Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer, General Hospital (Image credit: Disney/Christine Bartolucci)

If you’re thinking any potential sparks with Gio won’t go anywhere because he’s just visiting Port Charles, well allow us to introduce the possibility that Gio may extend his stay in town to last at least through the summer. Should he do that, he’ll have plenty of time to get to know Josslyn and possibly build some kind of relationship. 

Naturally, Dex wouldn’t be happy to see a girl he’s in love with falling for someone else. Jossyln is a person he stayed in town for despite the looming threat Sonny would kill him. Plus, she is the young woman who literally saved his life when he almost died from a gunshot wound. So they have a deep connection. 

With that being said, Dex hasn’t been the type to take to manipulation and plotting to get what he wants in the past. So we doubt he’ll resort to scheming to win Jossyln over. He tends to stew but is willing to open up to the right person. In this hypothetical scenario, we think that person may become Trina (Tabyana Ali). 

Tabyana Ali and Evan Hofer as Trina and Dex talking in General Hospital

Tabyana Ali and Evan Hofer, General Hospital (Image credit: ABC/Frank Micelotta)

Trina and Dex have always been cordial and they’ve even developed somewhat of a friendship thanks to their mutual love for Jossyln, as Trina and Josslyn are besties and Dex and Josslyn are exes. It would make sense if Dex leans on Trina a bit due to his Josslyn woes considering he’s not Mr. Popularity in Port Charles and short on friends. However, if Dex and Trina get to talking too frequently, they may find their friendly connection evolves into something romantic, which would spell trouble all around. 

A Trina and Dex pairing would likely infuriate Josslyn if she found out as she would feel betrayed that her best friend and ex found comfort in one another. Plus, it’s possible Josslyn could come to realize that she really wants to be Dex seeing him move on with another woman. Since Josslyn is Carly’s (Laura Wright) daughter, we wouldn't be surprised if Josslyn actually became manipulative in an attempt to steal Dex back. 

While this again is all just theory, allow us to point out that Trina hasn’t attempted to move on with someone since Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) was declared dead. So it may be time for her to dip her toe back into the dating pool. With two available options now in Port Charles to choose from, it seems probable that Dex, or perhaps Gio, may become her new Mr. Right. 

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