SHOCK TWIST in Hollyoaks serial killer storyline as an arrest is made!

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Will this character go down for Harry Thompson's murder?

The recent discovery of the murdered body of young dad Harry Thompson sent shockwaves around Hollyoaks village. Goldie McQueen stumbled across Harry's woodland grave on a dog walk after seeing 'HELP' spelled out on the ground.

The message was secretly left by Harry's kidnapped dad, Tony Hutchinson, after his captor, serial killer Breda McQueen, let him pay his respects at the graveside. With the horror news out in the open, it looked like Breda might be caught out by her own - unsuspecting - daughter in Hollyoaks!

Hollyoaks Breda McQueen

Breda McQueen (Moya Brady)

Nightmare nanny Breda's murderous rampage has seen her cruelly take the lives of at least eight victims so far, including supervillain Mac Nightingale. Her victims have all been, according to her rules 'bad dads' as she sees herself on a mission to rid the world of flaky fathers.

After Goldie told Breda of her gruesome find, it left her desperate to cover her tracks. With Harry's devastated boyfriend James Nightingale determined to track down his killer, it seemed that Breda was on the verge of being found out. But it's not over for Breda just yet as in a surprise twist in this evening's E4 episode (7pm, see our TV Guide for full listings), Breda schemes to get James arrested for the murder!

james nightingale in hollyoaks

James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan)

Finding out that James had installed a tracking app on Harry's phone, over paranoia that Harry was cheating, Breda encourages James to tell the police.

"Whilst at the station confronting the police, they tell him that some new information has come to light," reveals a Hollyoaks source. "They arrest him for suspicion of murder. It's later revealed that he has been framed."

James is so destroyed by the accusation that he ends up in a desperate state, teetering on the edge of the village's archway. When mum Marnie Nightingale spots him she begs him to come down.

Will Breda's chilling secret go down - one way or another - with James?

Hollyoaks continues on E4 and C4.

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