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Home and Away favourite faces DEATH today after THIS tragic accident

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Today's Home and Away sees Raffy Morrison left fighting for her life...

There's danger lurking for Home and Away favourite Raffy Morrison today when she almost drowns after having a seizure while swimming in the sea.

Home and Away fans have seen epileptic Raffy struggling with life after her cannabis medical trial was cancelled due to lack of funding.

Home and Away, Raffy Morrison, Justin Morgan

Raffy has been struggling since her medical trial was cancelled due to lack of funding (Picture: Channel 5)

The teenager, who is currently going through her exams at school, has been terrified that another seizure could strike at any moment now her medical trial is over, and having flunked on her exams thanks to her condition, she is lower than ever this week.

But things got worse for Raffy in yesterday's episode when she decided to go for a swim in the sea on her own, only for her to have a seizure and need to be rescued by older brother Justin.

Today's trip to Summer Bay (6pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) sees Justin thankfully going for a surf when his sister needs him the most, and he wastes no time racing into the water to pull a drowning Raffy to safety.

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Mason Morgan, Raffy Morrison, John Palmer

Justin managed to save Raffy from nearly drowning (Picture: Channel 5)

As Mason fights to save his sister on the beach, Raffy thankfully comes round and she's rushed to hospital where the new doctor, Alex, checks her over.

Raffy's family tell Alex all about her medical trial and how it was working well, and the doctor listens intently... clearly forming a plan.

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It's only when Alex later gets Raffy alone that she reminds her that it is possible to lead a normal life with epilepsy.

Home and Away, Raffy Morrison

Raffy turns over a new leaf after meeting her new role model, doctor Alex (Picture: Channel 5)

Raffy is grateful for her help, but challenges her to name successful people who are living with epilepsy.

Alex admits that she has epilepsy and reveals a story about how she had a seizure in one of her exams... just like Raffy did.

This is music to Raffy's ears and a huge turning point in her life as she vows to take on Dr Alex's advice and learn to live with her condition without letting it take over.

It seems Raffy might have just found herself a new role model, and with actress Olivia Deeble, who plays Raffy, soon leaving Home and Away, could her character's new focus in life be what leads her to depart Summer Bay?

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