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'Home and Away's Harley Bonner and Sam Frost reveal poisoning drama

Jasmine Delaney and Harley Bonner try to save Tane Parata's life in Home and Away
Dr Logan Bennett and Jasmine Delaney try to save lives after the incident. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Home and Away stars Harley Bonner and Sam Frost have revealed to that the mass poisoning at Salt sees their characters Dr Logan Bennett and Jasmine Delaney put themselves in the way of danger!

We left Summer Bay before the Christmas break with the shock revelation that a shadowy stranger was hell-bent on killing Tane Parata (Ethan Browne).

The elaborate setup from his sinister stalker saw him drugged then sprayed with a poisonous agricultural pesticide.

As the fumes from the pesticide leak into the gym air vents and into Salt restaurant upstairs, some of Summer Bay’s finest are in imminent danger, as they’re gathered for Martha Stewart’s (Belinda Giblin) charity fundraiser.

Jasmine Delaney and Justin Morgan are on the balcony in Home and Away

Jasmine Delaney is outside Salt with Justin Morgan (James Stewart) when the incident occurs. (Image credit: Channel 5)

When cop Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) realises what’s going on, he directs Salt owner Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) to call the emergency services and get a HAZMAT team on the case to decontaminate the partygoers.

In a stroke of luck for those affected, nurse Jasmine is on the balcony and shielded from the poison.

Just before Tane goes into cardiac arrest, Logan arrives on the scene, and it’s a race against time for Logan and Jasmine to keep him alive!

Logan Bennett is shocked in Home and Away

Logan Bennett is stunned when he arrives at Salt to find out what's going on! (Image credit: Channel 5)

W2W: Do Logan and Jasmine consider that they’re putting their own health in danger?

Sam: “Jasmine dives straight into nurse mode as soon as she realises what’s happening. always puts others before herself. It’s who she is and why she’s a great nurse.”

Harley: Logan swings by to visit [girlfriend] Mac. It’s lucky he and Jasmine are both there so they can immediately kick into action. Logan certainly considers all the risks, but helping people is his number one priority.”

W2W: How do they feel after the initial drama of the incident?

Sam: “Really shocked and emotional! All Jasmine’s friends are in the thick of it. It’s extremely difficult to put emotions aside.”

Harley: “They’re exhausted. You should try compressing Tane’s chest!”

Tane Parata life in the balance in Home and Away

Can Tane be saved or has his stalker finished him off? (Image credit: Channel 5)

W2W: Do Logan and Jasmine think Tane may die and can they do anything to save him?

Harley: “They wouldn’t be any good at their jobs if they thought BEEEEEEEEEEEP meant he was all good! But of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Sam: “They think he could die at any stage, so they do everything they can to try and save him.”

Are any of the other residents at serious risk of dying?

Sam: “Yes, quite a few! The poisoning is serious and could have really damaging short and long term effects on the health of some of the Summer Bay favourites. It’s obvious pretty quickly that in particular, Martha and Leah (Ada Nicademou) are not coping well.”

Harley: "There are two other Summer Bay favourites that are in serious risk of side effects. But the type of side effects experienced are unexpected…"

Jasmine Delaney and Robbo Shaw get married in Home and Away

Jasmine's husband Robbo died following complications from an horrific car crash in early 2020. (Image credit: Channel 5)

W2W: Sam, is Jasmine scared for Cash’s safety, considering the trauma she went through losing her husband Robbo Shaw (Jake Ryan)?

Sam: “One of Jasmine’s biggest concerns is losing someone she loves prematurely again. She wants to hold onto Cash and always make sure he’s safe and protected.”

W2W: Harley, there’s been non-stop medical emergencies for Logan since he arrived last summer! Are you looking forward to settling into a less hectic routine the Bay?

Harley: “I’ve loved every aspect of playing Logan! He’s an absolute pleasure to embody every day. I’m very lucky, and will enjoy every day that I have with him.”

Home and Away returns on Monday 3 January on C5 at 2:00 pm, returning to its regular time of 1:15 pm from Tuesday 4 January and as a ‘first look’ on Friday 31 December on 5Star at 6:00pm.

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