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How to watch C4's Adult Material online anywhere in the world

Adult Material C4 with Hayley Squires as porn star Jolene

Here's how to watch Channel 4's Adult Material...

Adult Material is a new Channel 4 drama which looks inside the mainstream porn industry. Here's how to watch Adult Material online.

Hayley Squires plays Jolene Dollar, a normal mum of three, who is the main breadwinner of the family.

But instead of a conventional career, Jolene is one of the top porn performers in the UK.

Adult Material will delve into Jolene's world, showing the industry from the perspective of a woman working in it her whole adult life.

Rupert Everett also stars as Jolene’s long-term friend and producer, Carroll Quinn.

Carroll has been in the business a long time and has seen the porn industry change to a multi-million-dollar proposition.

Joe Dempsie plays Rich, Jolene’s loving and dedicated long-term partner.

Julian Ovenden plays the US porn Kingpin, Tom Pain, a man from porn’s most extreme quarter.

Kerry Godliman is MP, Stella Maitland, whose life becomes intertwined with Jolene’s when they form an unlikely friendship.

Stella comes to her defence when Jolene’s career, family, and reputation are in tatters.

It should be noted the series includes strong language and scenes of an adult and sexual nature.

How to watch Adult Material online in the UK for free 

Adult Material is a four-part series and starts on  Channel 4 on Monday October 5th at 10pm - see our TV Guide for full listings.

All four hour-long episodes of Adult Material will be on All 4 after the first episode airs, so you can catch up on any missed episodes.

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How to watch Adult Material online from abroad 

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How to watch Adult Material in the US  

Adult Material is currently unavailable in the US.

How to watch Adult Material in Ireland 

There are no plans to show Adult Material in Ireland at the moment.

How to watch Adult Material in Australia 

While there are no plans for Adult Material to be aired in Australia, we will update this page if it changes.