How to watch Land Of Women: stream the new comedy drama online

Land of Women trio.
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Part comedy, part family drama and part crime thriller, Land of Women lands on Wednesday, June 26 and it could be the next hot TV show to watch this summer.

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Streaming: Apple TV Plus
Wednesday, June 26 (2 eps)
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Land of Women is about three generations of a family who flee from New York City to Spain, in order to escape loan sharks pursing a vanished husband. They try to build their life again in a small village while keeping a low profile, a job which gets harder over time.

Starring Eva Longoria, Carmen Maura and Victoria Bazua, Land of Women is 'inspired' by a 2014 book called La tieere de las Mujeres by Sandra Barneda, which tells a similar story.

If you're curious to check out Land of Women, here's how to do so, with a way to do so for free.

How to watch Land of Women

You can watch Land of Women if you're signed up for Apple TV Plus, because the show was created by Apple for its own streaming service.

Apple TV Plus costs $9.99 / £8.99 per month, and when you sign up, you'll need to make sure not to subscribe for the Apple TV Plus MLS plan because this is for soccer streaming.

Next we'll look at when the episodes will air.

Land of Women release dates

The first two episodes of Land of Women debut on Wednesday, June 26, and new episodes will come out each week. Here's that full release date schedule:

  • Episode 1 — Wednesday, June 26
  • Episode 2 — Wednesday, June 26
  • Episode 3 — Wednesday, July 3
  • Episode 4 — Wednesday, July 10
  • Episode 5 — Wednesday, July 17
  • Episode 6 — Wednesday, July 24

How to watch Land of Women for free

If you're curious about Land of Women, or Apple TV Plus in general, you'll be glad to know that you can sign up for a limited time without paying.

Apple offers many different free trials, some general ones and others ones for customers to other services, which vary in length from a month to a year.

If you want to know more or find one you'll be eligible for, here's our guide on all the best Apple TV Plus free trials.

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