How to watch Nolly online from anywhere in the world

Helena Bonham Carter on the Crossroads set in a fur coat as Noele Gordon in Nolly.
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Want to watch Nolly? Here's where you need to go to stream the drama starring Academy Award nominee, Helena Bonham Carter. 

Nolly sees Helena Bonham Carter stepping into the shoes of 1980s TV star, Joan "Noele" Gordon. Best known for playing motel owner Meg Richardson in the hugely popular soap opera, Crossroads, Noele Gordon was highly regarded by her fellow stars and was adored by viewers... so her abrupt sacking from the show in 1981 certainly came as quite a shock! 

Written by BAFTA-winning writer (and returning Doctor Who showrunner) Russell T. Davies, Nolly is poised to answer the big questions about what happened on that fateful day that she was dismissed from the soap by the broadcaster, ATV.

If you're looking to follow Noele Gordon's fall from grace, here's how to watch Nolly online. And if you're looking for more info about the story behind the soap, we've got a feature explaining what happened to Noele Gordon.

How to watch Nolly in the UK

All three episodes of Nolly are now available on ITVX. The series arrived on the platform on Thursday, February 2. The three-part drama will also air on ITV1 at some point in the near future (we'll include that info here once it becomes available).

And if you're going to be away from home but still want to watch Nolly, you might still be able to tune in with a VPN.

How to watch Nolly online from anywhere

If you get sucked into the drama in Nolly but you're not going to be where you normally watch TV or broadcasts aren't easily available where you live, a potential solution to this issue is with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

A VPN lets you change your IP address, enabling you to watch Nolly and all the other shows and events that matter to you from other locations. Our favorite is ExpressVPN (opens in new tab), which is the No. 1-rated VPN in the world right now according to our sister site, TechRadar.

ExpressVPN (opens in new tab)

ExpressVPN (opens in new tab) is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to watch what you want from anywhere you want to watch it. 

It's straightforward and easy to use, has great security, is available on loads of streaming devices and, best of all, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee (opens in new tab), so you can try it out 100% risk-free.

How to watch Nolly in the US

At the time of writing, we aren't totally sure whether Nolly will get an international release. As and when we learn more, we will include it here.

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