How to watch Sneakerella

Sneakerella stars Lexi Underwood and Chosen Jacobs look out a window
Sneakerella puts a spin on a classic fairytale. (Image credit: Disney/Ben Mark Holzberg)

Want to watch Sneakerella online but don't know where to stream it? We've got your back.

If you don't know it, Sneakerella is a musical comedy putting a new spin on the classic Cinderella story. This gender-swapped tale swaps out the traditional glass slippers for some top-notch high tops. It's also taking us about as away from a fairytale castle as we could get. In Sneakerella, we're heading to the streets of New York City. 

There, we're introduced to El (Chosen Jacobs), a kid from Queens who works in a shoe store that was once owned by his late mother. Secretly, El dreams of making it as an all-star sneaker designer, and he hides his artistic talents from his stepfather and his two mean-spirited stepbrothers who get in the way of his dreams.

When El crosses paths with Kira King (Lexi Underwood), the daughter of basketball star and sneaker tycoon, Darius King (John Salley), the two bond over their mutual love of stylish shoes. With a little nudge from his best friend — and the addition of a small helping of Fairy Godmother magic — El soon manages to find the courage to make his dreams happen.

Here's where you need to go to watch Sneakerella...

How to watch Sneakerella 

Sneakerella has been co-produced by the Disney Channel and Jane Startz Productions, and there's only one place you'll find it when it releases on Friday, May 13: Disney Plus

Disney Plus is the streaming home for everything from the House of Mouse, including everything you'd expect from The Walt Disney Company plus a whole lot more. Alongside classic Disney movies and shows, the platform is home to heaps of content from brands like Star Wars, National Geographic, Marvel and Pixar. 

Access to the service costs just $7.99/ £7.99 a month, but you can save yourself a little bit of cash if you opt for an annual subscription which costs $79.99/ £79.90 a year. 

If you're serious about streaming (and you live in the US), we also highly recommend the Disney Bundle. For just $13.99 a month, you can get access to everything on Disney Plus (including Sneakerella) along with plenty of live sport on ESPN Plus and a basic, ad-supported Hulu plan for one low monthly fee. 

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