How to watch The Grand Tour: Eurocrash: stream the latest TGT special online

James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are back for a European road trip.
(Image credit: Prime Video)

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are back in The Grand Tour: Eurocrash, a new feature-length special which lands on Friday, June 16.

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Streaming: Prime Video
Debut: Friday, June 16
Runtime: 2 hours

This outing sees the trio take a road trip around central Europe. It was filmed around Poland and Slovenia and features lots of "weird" cars like the Chevrolet SSR, Crosley Convertible and Klein Vision AirCar which flies.

Eurocrash is the 44th episode of The Grand Tour and its sixth special; since 2019 the Amazon motoring show has eschewed traditional annual seasons with a rota of feature-lengthed specials. Before this one there was Seamen in 2019, A Massive Hunt in 2020, Lochdown and Carnage A Trois in 2021 and A Scandi Flick in 2022.

If you're keen to watch the motoring special, here's how to watch The Grand Tour: Eurocrash.

How to stream The Grand Tour: Eurocrash

You'll be able to watch The Grand Tour: Eurocrash on Prime Video, as Amazon's streaming service created TGT.

Prime Video is technically a perk of Amazon Prime membership, so you'll need to be signed up to the subscription plan to watch. This costs $14.99 / £8.99 per month or $139 / £95 per year, though there's a free trial for people who haven't tried Prime before.

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash lands on the service on Friday, June 16.

How to watch the rest of The Grand Tour

While you don't need to watch the rest of The Grand Tour to understand Eurocrash, fans of motoring shows or Clarkson, Hammond and May's humor may want to do so to prepare for the new show.

There are 43 previous episodes of The Grand Tour prior to Eurocrash, which include five prior specials like this one, and you can watch them all on Prime Video, just like the new series.

The Grand Tour is, after all, an Amazon Original, and future episodes of the show will also more than likely land on the Prime Video platform.

But while The Grand Tour is a spiritual successor to Top Gear, that show's back catalog isn't on Prime Video. Instead, you'll need to use Pluto TV to stream it in the US (though 13 seasons are on Freevee, 5 are on Netflix and 3 are on Max), and Sky TV or iPlayer to watch in the UK.

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