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Hulu Live still hot as it hits 4.1 million subscribers

A Teacher on Hulu
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The Walt Disney Company today announced its Q4 and year-end numbers for fiscal year 2020 — and that means new numbers for Hulu and Hulu With Live TV. And unsurprisingly, things continued up and to the right in a year in which we were home more than usual, and streaming more than ever.

Hulu With Live TV now has some 4.1 million million subscribers, up from 3.4 million at the end of Q3. That keeps Hulu With Live TV as the No. 1 live streaming service in the United States. (YouTube TV is No. 2 with "more than 3 million," followed by Sling TV at 2.458 million subscribers.)

Meanwhile, the on-demand side of Hulu's shop — which comprises shows and movies from all sorts of producers and not just those owned by Disney — also saw its numbers increase to 32.5 million. That's up from 32.1 million in Q3, and up 6.9 million year over year. Disney+ is up to 73.7 million subscribers, and ESPN+ clocks in at 10.3 million

Hulu's on-demand subscription remains extremely affordable, at $5.99 a month. (You can pay another $6 a month to get rid of most of the advertising therein.) Hulu also is a part of the epic bundle that includes Disney+ and ESPN+ for just $12.99 a month.

And then there's the live side of things. Hulu With Live TV runs $54.99 a month and includes the on-demand service. An even better deal, though, it go do Hulu with Live TV as part of the bundle, which gets you ESPN+, Disney+, Hulu on-demand and live TV for just $61.99 a month, or $7 more than if you only had Hulu With Live TV.

In addition to all kinds of back-catalog content, Hulu also is home to all sorts of new exclusives, like The Handmaid's Tale and The First, as well as the new (and somewhat controversial) series A Teacher. It's also home to exclusive series on FX on Hulu like Mrs. America and Devs.

Hulu and Hulu With Live TV are available on just about every modern hardware platform, including iOS and Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV, as well as select smart TV systems. It also can be found on gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.