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I’m A Celebrity fans fuming with AJ for LYING about Jessica in latest trial

AJ Pritchard on I'm A Celebrity
(Image credit: ITV)

I'm A Celebrity star AJ has been caught out by eagle-eyed fans...

I'm A Celebrity fans aren't happy with AJ after last night's trial that saw him trying to find stars in the dark with Jessica Plummer.

The pair were faced with an almost impossible task called 'Harm-ory' that saw the pair made to walk around pitch dark dungeons looking for stars on the floor or in suits of armour.

Jessica Plummer and AJ I'm A Celebrity

Jess and AJ struggled to find one another in the pitch black dungeon (Picture: ITV)

Of course there were bugs and critters added to the mix, as well as rats and pigeons.

In the dark

However, it wasn't the Welsh wildlife that made the pair struggle to find any stars, it was the fact it was so totally dark that they couldn't see a thing.

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At first fans were fuming over the fact the pair were set up to fail in this task, but they were soon finding the whole thing very entertaining as AJ screamed his way through the entire trial.

Jessica Plummer and AJ I'm A Celebrity

Ant and Dec found AJ's screaming very amusing... (Picture: ITV)

After Sunday night's live trial that saw Jessica frozen in pure panic as she had to put her head in a box of rats, fans were convinced she was the one who was going to find the trial tricky.

Instead it was AJ who kept screaming Jess's name as they tried to find one another in the dark, leaving fans highly amused.

While AJ panicked, Jess was the one telling him 'you've got this' and to 'calm down and focus'.

An impossible task

The pair were disappointed with their 6 our of 12 stars that they won to take back to camp, but once the lights were back on and the bugs had been removed, AJ was much happier.

Jessica Plummer and AJ I'm A Celebrity

Jess was the one who kept calm throughout the trial... but Aj told campmates she was 'petrified' (Picture: ITV)

However, it was only when the pair got back to their campmates that fans caught AJ telling everyone about how 'petrified' Jess was... leaving out the fact it was him who had done all the screaming.

The little while lie didn't go unnoticed by fans, and they were soon taking to Twitter to share their frustration with AJ...

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Tonight's trial will see Shane Richie facing his fears in 'Cruel Jewels', but will he manage to bring home more than 6 stars?

I’m a Celebrity continues on weeknights and Sundays at 9pm and Saturdays at 8.45pm on ITV through to its final on Friday 4 December.

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