Team Kate Chastain or Team Rachel Reilly? The Traitors US fans are divided

Kate Chastain and Rachel Reilly from The Traitors US on Peacock
Kate Chastain and Rachel Reilly from The Traitors US on Peacock (Image credit: Peacock)

"There's no love lost between Kate and I, it's very obvious," Rachel Reilly says of her The Traitors cast mate Kate Chastain in episode 6 of the Peacock series. "At this point, it's just funny." And that's an understatement. 

In episode 5 of The Traitors US, Peacock's adaptation of the popular reality series that dropped all ten hourlong episodes in one fell swoop on Thursday, January 12 —much to the chagrin of fans — the feud between the Big Brother alum and the Below Deck star comes to a head. 

"Rachel's personality is so abrasive and annoying that I don't trust her," says Kate of her fellow celebrity competitor. Later, when Rachel walks in on a conversation Kate is having with other players, Kate gets up and leaves the room when Rachel sits down to join the discussion: "We're all working together to find out who the traitor is and Rachel walks in like a steamroller." 

"This is the most awkward situation I've been in," Rachel says of the uncomfortable moment. "I walk in, Kate gets up and walks out of the room and I'm like, 'Oh, okay.'"

"I just needed a little break from Rachel," the Below Deck star explains during a confessional. 

"I have tried to talk to Kate numerous times and she won't talk to me," Rachel tells other contestants during the same episode. When Kate returns, another castmate confronts her on her hasty exit. "At this point, I think people should be allowed privacy to have conversations, so that is why I left," Kate reasons. 

"But it feels, like, very personal," Rachel responds. "Nothing here is personal. I don't even know you," Kate curtly tells her. 

On the way to the episode 5 challenge, Rachel tells the other players: "Tonight, I'm banishing Kate... I think that Kate has proven that she's done shady stuff and I think she's trying to manipulate things. I literally think Kate's a traitor." 

At the same time, Kate is ranting about her in the other car: "You want some honesty, Rachel? You look like you get dressed at a community theater. You're literally the only person who thinks it's cool that you were the first Big Brother baby. No one cares. No one f***ing cares!"

Rachel does bring up Kate's name during the roundtable discussion that evening, telling her: "I think you're manipulative, I think you're the puppet master, I think you're a traitor." However, Kate ends up not getting enough votes from the house for banishment and remains in the game, and the feud. 

So whose side are you ultimately on? Team Kate or Team Rachel? 

Fans react to that Kate Chastain-Rachel Reilly feud on The Traitors US

The Traitors US viewers are split on their allegiance in the Kate vs Rachel feud, with some calling the former "the star of the show" for her wisecracks about the Big Brother alum, while the latter is being dubbed "a legend" for her sleuthing skills. Here's what fans are saying on social media about the celebs' smackdown:

All episodes of The Traitors US are available to stream right now on Peacock.

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