'Love Island' UK: viewers unhappy as Kaz disrespects Matthew

Love Island UK 2021 - Kaz Kamwi
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Love Island 2021 viewers were shocked by how Kaz handled her chat with Matthew Macnabb last night.

Ever since Tyler Cruickshank returned from Casa Amor with Clarisse Juliette, there has been some tension between him and Kaz Kamwi, and that tension really boiled over last night. The pair had a few chats where Kaz explained that she wasn't willing to be Tyler's second choice and that she still wanted to get to know Matthew who she'd just decoupled with.

At the last recoupling, Matthew asked if Kaz was willing to give him 100% of her attention. Just before she chose to couple up with him, she gave a speech at the fire pit which seemed to suggest that Tyler didn't have a chance with her anymore.

Tyler still found it difficult to turn off his feelings, and after the couples' challenge, Kaz confirmed that she still had feelings for Tyler too! She told Millie that she felt jealous watching Tyler kissing Clarisse during the couples' challenge earlier that day. 

That evening, Tyler pulled Kaz for a chat and revealed to her that wanted to pursue her and would be cooling things off with Clarisse. Tyler then went to find Matt to explain what had gone on. He apologized to him, but he said that he thought telling him he still had feelings for Kaz was the honest thing to do. 

Although Matt handled this chat really well, he was clearly hurt by what had gone on, as he admitted in the Beach Hut that he thought it came out of the blue. When Matt and Kaz chatted about it later on, he tried to explain that he would have much preferred to hear it from Kaz directly, rather than through Tyler.

The way Kaz handled everything didn't sit too well with some viewers. Some Love Island fans headed over to Twitter to share how they felt she hadn't been as respectful to Matt about the whole situation as she could have been.

Kaz and Matt were one of the couples lucky enough to receive enough votes to stay in the villa last night, so they might get a chance to patch things up between them soon. However, Tyler and Clarisse remain at risk of being dumped by the other islanders as they were in the bottom three couples, so we'll have to wait and see whether Kaz and Tyler get a second chance together or not!

Love Island 2021 airs Sunday-Friday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox. 

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