Love Island USA season 4 release date revealed

Love Island USA former cast
Love Island USA former cast (Image credit: Paramount)

After three seasons on CBS, Love Island USA is about to make its summer debut in the streaming world on Tuesday, July 19. Premiering on its new home, Peacock, the metaphorical training wheels have been taken off for the upcoming season. 

As reported in People, the streaming service has promised a "steamier" season consisting of "naughtier games and sexier challenges." We wonder if this means the upcoming episodes are literally too hot for TV? Although, we’re sure Peacock won’t allow things to go too far.

The announcement of the Love Island USA season 4 premiere date is welcomed news for viewers that can’t get enough of the US iteration of the show and the original Love Island UK franchise. With Love Island UK season 8 currently airing, the series has found quite a loyal fanbase all over the world. Audiences across demographics tune in season after season just to see which set of new strangers gravitate to one another, which pairs actually fall in love and which personalities annoy the other castmates the most. 

Now for those in need of a refresher about how the show works, the premise is as follows. A group of strangers decides to spend several weeks of their summer together, usually in some paradise location. Within a day of getting to interact with each other, they are forced to partner up with someone else to form a competition pair. While ideally these strangers would pick a person that they envision a romantic future with, that’s not always the case. (Sometimes, people pair together as allies rather than lovers.)

Over the course of the strangers’ time on the island, they’ll be put through a number of challenges and forced to reevaluate their partnerships weekly at a coupling ceremony. At the ceremony, either individual in a partnership can opt to couple up with someone else. This becomes a more difficult decision to make as more men and women enter the competition. Those unable to find someone to partner with at the end of each week are sent home. By the end of the summer, a winning couple is selected and is awarded a cash prize. If we had to guess, those who enjoy watching Too Hot to Handle or Temptation Island will find this show is right up their alley.  

In an interesting twist for Love Island USA season 4, the series will be shot off the coast of California and Peacock will air the series six days a week instead of the five days a week season 3 aired on CBS.  

Fans react to Love Island USA season 4 release date

Fans of the series seem pretty excited for Love Island USA to return.  

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