Married at First Sight fans embarrassed over Richie’s 'cringe' behavior

Married at First Sight UK 2022 fans were cringing at Richie. (Image credit: Matt Monfredi / Channel 4)

Married at First Sight UK 2022 viewers got second hand embarrassment during last night’s episode (Tuesday, 6 September) over Richie’s cringe behavior around his new wife Lara.

Lara and Richie were part of the next group of Married at First Sight UK 2022 newly-weds who jetted off on their honeymoon.

Initially, Lara had some red flags regarding her relationship with Richie as she had been married twice previously, meanwhile Richie had always been single.

However, as the couple celebrated their wedding in Bavaria, fans couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable Lara looked while Richie seemed besotted with her, particularly when they took a horse and carriage ride to see the sights of Bavaria.

“This will be the most romantic thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Richie said. Meanwhile, Lara didn’t seem too impressed as she laughed: “Oh, horses. Yay.”

“There’ll be a lot of hand holding. There’ll be a lot of exchanging words, but I think there might be a few kisses. I think I might go in for a few. I think I might. Think I might go to the next level,” Richie revealed excitedly.

As they went on their carriage ride, Richie wrapped his arms around Lara, who looked rather awkward.

“Put my arms around her. Obviously, it feels great and everything just seems to fit. It’s one more great thing that we’ve got in common,” he went on to say, before he went in for a kiss. 


Richie was smitten with Lara. (Image credit: Matt Monfredi / Channel 4)

Lara laughed awkwardly and turned away from his pouting lips.

“Just giving you a PDA,” Richie said and the couple kissed.

After their kiss, Richie swiped his finger across his tongue and put it behind his ear in an odd gesture.

Lara admitted privately to the camera that Richie was being too full on and later on, things got more awkward when they had a romantic meal together, where Lara got the impression that Richie wanted someone to mother him.

“So, obviously, I've lived probably 99% of my life on my own. So I do everything, I have to plan everything. You sort of taking the reins is, is really…It’s a real tick box. 

“I’d just love to be able to just relax more and enjoy life more, because I know you’ve got it and I know you’ve got that quality, that, I’ll be honest, not every girl’s got the quality. But it’s nice for me because I can, emotionally, I can just recharge and go, ‘I know Lara’s got that.’ That’s cool,” he gushed.

He ended the conversation with: “Thanks for being my wife.”

“Yeah,” Lara replied.

Fans couldn’t help but cringe over his behavior on social media…

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Married at First Sight UK 2022 continues on E4 tonight at 9pm — see our TV Guide for full listings. 

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