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Morgan family thrown into crisis after THIS shock twist in Home and Away

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The Morgans are stunned when Mason gets arrested for drug possession in today's Home and Away...

Home and Away's Mason Morgan finds himself in a prison cell today after being caught in possession of marijuana by the police.

But while soap fans know that he has been using the drug to make marijuana oil to help his sister Raffy with her seizures, the police charge him with trafficking a prohibited substance thanks to the large amounts he had in his car.

As Mason is let out on bail thanks to some guidance from his older brother Brody, Mason heads home to face the music from siblings Justin and Tori.

Home and Away, Mason Morgan

Mason was caught by the police with marijuana yesterday... (Credit: Channel 5)

The pair are fuming that Mason has been doing medical trials on their sister, and Mason's claims that it has been helping her fall on deaf ears.

Tori takes the news particularly badly, knowing how dangerous self medicating can be given that she is a doctor.

But Raffy blames herself for what has happened, convinced that if it hadn't been for her seizures then Mason wouldn't have had to break the law to help her.

Home and Away, Mason Morgan

Mason gets arrested! (Credit: Channel 5)

As the family keep Raffy's name out of the picture when it comes to the police, Mason takes the full brunt of the blame in the eyes of the law, and he soon realises that helping his sister could land him with a stint in prison.

But it's not just his freedom that he has put in jeopardy thanks to his trial with Raffy...

Tori points out to Mason that he's also ruined his chances of getting the internship at the Northern Districts hospital that he was applying for, not to mention his future career in the medical profession.

Home and Away, Raffy Morrison, Tori Morgan

Tori isn't happy about Mason and Raffy's secret CBD oil trial... (Credit: Channel 5)

But Mason is adamant... giving up his freedom and future was worth it to help Raffy.

But will he still be saying that if he gets locked up for dealing drugs - a crime that he hasn't actually committed?

Also on today's Home and Away... Brody broaches the subject of divorce with Ziggy, and Roo struggles to get her head around the fact her mum and dad are back together.

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