'Neighbours’ Zima Anderson reveals wedding day tragedy for Roxy!

Zima Anderson with Chris Milligan as Roxy and Kyle in Neighbours
Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milligan) are so in love on their wedding day! (Image credit: Channel 5)

Neighbours star Zima Anderson has revealed details of Roxy Willis and Kyle Canning’s much anticipated wedding but she warns that a shock tragedy will “shake up all of Ramsay Street”.

The unlikely but much-loved couple have already seen tough times after Kyle (Chris Milligan) was diagnosed with testicular cancer which saw him going through a major and life changing operation, as well as chemo.

Zima shared with whattowatch.com that following Roxy’s perfect proposal last November their big day has sadly been beset by troubles. Most recently by Roxy’s worried mum Gemma Willis (Beth Buchanan) who urged her daughter to call off the wedding!

“Roxy is focussing on just enjoying the moments with Kyle after his cancer diagnosis. Obviously she wants kids and it’s something that she has to worry about in the future,” explained Zima.

“Deep down she does know that – and it’s on her mind – but she’ll face it as Roxy always does with that impulsiveness to face it when it comes and with the IVF options.

“Gemma thinks Roxy is rushing into marriage way too fast. She’s being a protective mother bear. She knows Roxy really wants children so she doesn’t want her to be heartbroken in the future.

“There’s also the fact that they haven’t even lived together yet and they’re going to get married. It’s a fair point!”

Roxy and Kyle's wedding day in Neighbours

Roxy and Kyle's wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch despite Mick's incompetence! (Image credit: Channel 5)

The wedding planning has also been a nightmare after a well-meaning Kyle hired troublemaker Mick Allsop (comedian Joel Creasy) to direct operations!

“Roxy’s not so happy to have Mick as a wedding planner as he’s been causing a lot of trouble on Ramsay Street.

“But they kind of bounce off each other so it works out well. In other circumstances, they’d be best friends and have a few tequilas together.

“But just before the wedding, Roxy finds out that Mick’s been doing a terrible job so the whole day is up in the air!”

All those ominous warning signs seem to come to nothing when the couple’s friends and family pull together to make their dream day happen.

The wedding venue looks beautiful, decked out with a romantic flower arch and a heart-and-doves ice sculpture. A now proud mum Gemma gives away the glowing bride, as Roxy and Kyle become man and wife.

“The wedding turns out beautifully and it’s very good. It was a pleasure to shoot,” Zima insisted.

“Roxy’s wedding dress was made especially for me by the incredible Neighbours costume department. I love it! It has a Roxy flair to it but it’s beautiful.”

Terese Willis tends to Paul Robinson in Neighbours

Has Paul Robinson lost his life in the storm? (Image credit: Channel 5)

However, a huge storm is brewing and it’s not long before a real disaster strikes after the wedding party relocates to the Flamingo Bar.

A bolt of lightning hits a telegraph pole and it comes crashing down – with horrific consequences…

“The drama that happens is pretty devastating and it shakes up all of Ramsay Street. Literally and figuratively,” teased Zima, who wouldn’t spoil the reveal of which resident meets a grisly end.

“People end up trapped and they are in a bad way. You’ll have to wait and see who has the injuries and what has happened to certain people!”

Despite the tragic storyline, Zima insisted the scenes were a blast to shoot: “It was so much fun! We had a big wind machine, which was massive. It was crazy to film, like standing in front of a jet!”

Roxy Willis and Gemma Willis in Neighbours

Zima Anderson was pleased to be reunited with her on screen mother played by Beth Buchanan. (Image credit: Channel 5)

The actress also shared her sweet reason for being so happy to be reunited with on screen mum Beth Buchanan after three years…

“I love Beth so much! I feel like she’s my mum! It was beautiful for me to have her back for the exact same reason that Roxy is excited for her mum to come back – to see the woman that she’s become.

“When I first started on Neighbours it was with Beth. She got to see me when I was really young. It was my first speaking role, so she saw how new I was to TV and the acting world.

“She hasn’t been on the show for ages and now I’m really confident in myself as an actor. I’m like, ‘look how I’m doing now! I know all of these people now! Isn’t this cool?’”

We're looking forward to seeing what's next for Roxy on Ramsay Street!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5

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