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New EastEnders trailer reveals TWO explosive secrets are unearthed this week

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It's all go in Albert Square...

An exciting new trailer released by the BBC reveals huge secrets and lies are set to be revealed in this week's EastEnders.

EastEnders might only be on twice a week at the moment thanks to the current coronavirus lockdown, but that doesn't mean the episodes are any less action-packed.

Isaac discovers Patrick is his father in EastEnders

Isaac Baptiste struggles to process the news that Patrick Trueman is his dad (Picture: BBC)

Mondays and Tuesdays are fast becoming the height of excitement for EastEnders fans as we're treated to two consecutive days of Walford action.

And judging by the latest trailer from the BBC, this week is no exception.

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The 30 second video shows Isaac Baptiste asking his mum, Sheree Trueman, whether Patrick is his father... turning his world upside down when she reveals the truth.

EastEnders fans have known for months that Patrick is Isaac's biological father, but although Sheree told her husband that Isaac is a result of a fling they had years ago back in Trinidad, she made Patrick promise that he wouldn't reveal the truth to Isaac.

Sheree Trueman introduces Isaac in EastEnders

Isaac is set to discover he has been living a lie (Picture: BBC)

But it seems the wool has finally been pulled from the primary teacher's eyes... and tonight he is set to confront his mum about his true identity.

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Another lie that looks like it might start to unravel is Chantelle Atkins and her pretence that she is living the perfect life with husband Gray.

EastEnders fans will know that Gray subjects his wife to horrendous beatings and abuse behind the closed doors of number 1 Albert Square, but until now her friends and family are all oblivious.

Last week's EastEnders saw Chantelle locked inside her new office with Kheerat Panesar, leaving her husband Gray raging on the outside.

Chantelle and Kheerat

Chantelle will start to open up to Kheerat about life with Gray tonight (Picture: BBC)

The trailer shows the pair still trapped together this week, and with Chantelle starting to open up to Kheerat, could he become the one she finally confides in about the abuse she is suffering?

Bobby Beale was also seen collapsed on the dance floor of Ruby's nightclub at the end of last Tuesday's episode... and the trailer shows that his big brother Peter is about to discover he's taken drugs.

Bobby collapses at the club in EastEnders

Bobby collapsed in last Tuesday's episode (Picture: BBC)

What will the fall out be from this latest drama for the Beales?

The trailer also teases more drama between Linda and Phil as they talk about their battles with alcohol, while Whitney continues to find herself held hostage by Leo's unhinged mum, Michaela.

Can she escape before it is too late?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.