Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans wonder what Sutton’s alleged 'very dark' comments were

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 episode 4
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Waking up at Kyle Richards’ La Quinta home in episode 4, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) ladies, including Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Jayne and Garcelle Beauvais, catch up on the eventful previous evening that we saw go down in episode 3.

Crystal Kung Minkoff came by the house to talk about the blow-up and she explained her feelings again to the group. Crystal said she was triggered, because the situation made her think of last year when she felt "violated" when Sutton Stracke walked into her room when she didn’t have clothes on. Crystal felt that there was a "massive campaign" by the other women to police her feelings and that they were now doing it with Sutton about her level of empathy over Dorit’s robbery, noting that the group isn’t a "safe space." Crystal had been holding onto the feeling for a year and is still upset by it. Apologies were said and it seemed like the group was ready to move on… but then Garcelle dropped a bomb. 

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"Can I just say if I’m going to be 100% honest, I’ve been holding onto this and I know what I’m about to say may be explosive. I feel that when you and Sutton had your thing," Garcelle said, referring to last year when Sutton told Crystal she doesn’t see color, "I felt like no matter what she said, she could have said the sky is blue, you were going to say 'are you that girl?' Cause I just felt like it was a setup."

When asked by Crystal, Garcelle said she still doesn’t know if it was a setup even now that she’s known her longer. Crystal said she was "totally blindsided by Garcelle’s comment." According to Crystal, there was a lot more said before that was "very dark." Of course, the women were curious about what was said, but Crystal refused to divulge. Keep in mind that Kyle was present during that heated conversation, too, and doesn’t remember anything to that effect being said.

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Back home in Beverly Hills, Sutton hosted an event for her boutique, The Sutton Concept. In true RHOBH fashion, it was a night of luxury served with a side of drama. Kyle talked to Sutton and told her how Crystal claimed she made "very dark" comments. Sutton said she knows she didn’t say anything she should be ashamed of. Garcelle joined the conversation and shed some further insight, saying Crystal was alluding to Sutton saying something that would come between Garcelle and Sutton. "Watch your back with your new friend, that’s all I’m saying," Garcelle told Sutton. As a viewer, the underlying tone of these conversations point to racially charged comments.

The time came for all of these side talks to come to a head. Kyle, Garcelle and Crystal sat down — still at Sutton’s store event, mind you — and talked about the "very dark" comments. Still not wanting to share what Sutton allegedly said, Crystal described it as "problematic" yet "forgivable." Sutton sat down with the three women, followed by Dorit and Diana Jenkins.

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It seemed like some of the women agreed on a few points: Sutton is brushing it off because she’s low-key worried she actually did say something dark she doesn’t remember; in defending herself about Garcelle’s comment, Crystal decided to open up a can of worms with the Sutton talk; and by not saying what Sutton said, Crystal is leaving the group to think the worst.

The long and short of it is that we don’t find out what Sutton said that was "very dark." Not in this episode of season 12, at least. But the trailer for next week’s episode shows that the conversation is long from over.

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