Sarah Platt warned she’s making ‘BIG MISTAKE’ in her love life, reveals Coronation Street star Tina O’Brien

Sarah Platt in Coronation Street
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Bethany isn't happy to learn her mum has moved on from Gary. If only she knew the truth...

Coronation Street star Tina O’Brien has revealed that Sarah Platt will be warned by daughter Bethany that she’s making a “big mistake” by moving on from ex boyfriend Gary Windass.

Having recently ditched Gary (Mikey North) after discovering he was in debt to evil loan shark Rick Neeson (Greg Wood), Sarah will soon pucker up with solicitor Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), and the pair are set for a sizzling romance.

Sarah kisses Adam

New start: Sarah and Adam will be seen enjoying a passionate kiss in Coronation Street next week

But when Bethany discovers her mum has moved on, she doesn’t give her blessing.

“Bethany was really in Gary’s corner, and encouraging him to patch things up with Sarah," says Tina O' Brien, who plays single mum Sarah.

"Adam probably wouldn’t be Bethany's first choice of partner for Sarah, and she thinks her mum is making a big mistake, because Bethany always felt that Gary had Sarah’s back."

No doubt Bethany would feel differently if she knew the truth about her mother's ex. As Corrie fans now know, Gary was responsible for the Underworld roof collapse, which caused Rana Habeeb’s death. No one knows his secret, but in the coming weeks, Adam will start to wonder if Gary has a dark side. Could he expose the builder's true colours?

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As to what Sarah sees in Adam, Tina adds: “‘After dealing with Gary’s lies for so long, it’s a breath of fresh air for Sarah to have someone who is paying attention to her. She’s not thinking about the future at the moment; she is just enjoying the thrill of a new relationship and feeling wanted.

“Adam definitely brings out a more fun, playful side to Sarah, whereas she has let Gary take advantage of her nice side for too long."

Sarah is struggling to pay the girls’ wages

It looks like it's all over for good for Sarah and Gary after he fed her a pack of lies

Over at the factory, meanwhile, Sarah is no longer the PA – she’s running the gaff. Heading into summer, then, Sarah has both a new man and a new job. You go, girl!

Coronation Street continues on ITV tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

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