Selling Sunset fans sob as Jason breaks down at reunion

Selling Sunset reunion Jason cries as his co-stars look on
Selling Sunset viewers were crying during the reunion after Jason broke down in tears. (Image credit: Netflix)

Selling Sunset season 5 viewers were left sobbing during the reunion episode after Jason Oppenheim broke down in tears while discussing the end of his relationship with co-star Chrishell Stause.

Emotions ran high during the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion after host, Queer Eye star Tan France, questioned the former couple about the end of their relationship.

Jason and Chrishell’s relationship was one of the major storylines in Selling Sunset season 5 and their new-found love shocked the Oppenheim Group. However, their relationship came to an abrupt end when they had different views about having children.

During the reunion special, Chrishell was adamant that her and Jason’s love was genuine and not a ‘showmance’ saying, “It was not a showmance. I think it’s one of those things that I think, initially, it felt like a weird thing that you felt this need to prove to people. 

“But I don’t feel a need to prove myself to anyone anymore. I would never do that. So these things, they happened. There are going to be people that don’t believe that. That’s not my problem because I know what the truth is.”

Tan then turned his attention to Jason and asked: “Jason, was it a showmance for you? Was it real?”

Jason was frustrated with the idea and said: “I hesitate to answer that question, I don’t want to give it any credence. That’s like asking me if the Earth is flat. It’s a stupid question to me. I don't’ feel the need to explain to people that a very meaningful rel…”

The usually indifferent real estate boss then began to choke up and his Oppenheim Group co-stars comforted him.

“You’re going to make me cry,” Chelsea Lazkani replied. “I’ve never seen Jason sad, that’s so sad.”

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim hugging

Chrishell and Jason's relationship was a big part of season 5. (Image credit: Netflix)

Chrishell also tried to hold back her tears as Jason went on to say, “I mean, there’s a lot of sadness and loss. I think watching the show made it more difficult. Brought it back up.”

It soon got too much for Chrishell and she couldn’t hold in the tears anymore.

Jason continued: “It’s been a few months, but I’m still just going through stuff. And I think there was a lot of love between us. There still is. I still care about her very much. This has been a very difficult breakup.”

He admitted that he still has a lot of respect for Chrishell and that he still has as much love for her today as he did then, while also branding her as the 'love of his life.'

Chrishell also confessed that she was caught off guard by her boss showing so much emotion, which is something he rarely does.

Fans admitted to getting emotional at the reunion episode after hearing Jason's touching words about his ex partner...

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Selling Sunset seasons 1-5 and the reunion episode are available to watch on Netflix.

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