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SHOCK in EastEnders as this SICKENING lie is finally revealed?

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There is drama heading to Walford next week as Suki Panesar's lies come under threat...

Next week's EastEnders sees Jean Slater dealt yet another cancer blow... but thankfully this time it isn't bad news about her own health.

EastEnders fans have watched as newcomer Suki Panesar has lied to her children about having terminal cancer in a bid to bring her family closer together, particularly her estranged daughter, Ash.

Suki has an ulterior motive in EastEnders

Scheming Suki Panesar has been lying to her family about having cancer (Picture: BBC)

While Suki's three sons have fallen for her lies hook, line and sinker, Ash, who is a doctor, is already slightly suspicious of her mum's claims that she is dying.

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But next week's EastEnders sees Jean Slater also get close to the truth that Suki is lying about her health.

Since arriving in Walford, Suki has made it her mission to befriend Jean, knowing that she will come in handy as she grills her about her cancer treatment.

Suki Panesar EastEnders BBC

Her sons might have fallen for her lies, but Ash is suspicious of Suki's cancer claims (Picture: BBC)

Suki has made her lies more believable by using the name of Jean's doctor and the side effects she has been getting from chemotherapy, but it seems her luck might finally be starting to run out.

As Jean talks to Suki about her doctor next week, Suki finds her lies starting to unravel, and she is forced to try and cover her tracks as Jean edges closer to the truth.

Jean is overwhelmed at her oncology appointment in EastEnders.

Jean has been fighting her own cancer, and Suki has been grilling her for details to back up her lies (Picture: BBC)

But Jean is like a dog with a bone once she realises there is something that Suki is hiding, and makes it her mission to get to the bottom of Suki's treatment.

As the walls begin to close in on Suki, Jean's fixation on her new neighbours starts to worry Shirley Carter, who then confides in Mo Slater about her worries.

But while Shirley and Mo are talking about Jean, they have got no idea that she has heard every word, and soon an argument breaks out between the women.

Jean asks Daniel about his bucket list

Jean recently lost her beloved Daniel to cancer, and now she is turning her attention to Suki (Picture: BBC)

While Shirley is quick to apologise to her friend, will Jean let her obsession with Suki go?

Or will she be the one to expose her sickening lies?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.