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Shock proposal on the cards for THIS EastEnders couple next week?

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It seems there could be wedding bells in Walford when EastEnders' Honey Mitchell plans to propose to boyfriend Adam Bateman...

Next week's EastEnders sees Honey Mitchell planning to pop the question to her dentist boyfriend Adam Bateman... but little does she know he's cheating on her with family friend Habiba Ahmed.

Despite the fact Billy Mitchell tried to warn her weeks ago that Adam was doing the dirty with Habiba, Honey has done a pretty good job of burying her head in the sand and ignoring all the signs that her boyfriend is being unfaithful.

Next week sees a new twist when Mariam, who knows about Adam and Habiba's secret romance, tries to take Habiba's mind off Adam by setting her up with a potential future husband.

EastEnders Honey Mitchell Adam Bateman

Honey has had her suspicions about Adam and Habiba but has ignored the signs (Picture: BBC)

But while the meeting is a disaster when Habiba and her potential partner find they have no spark, it seems Adam doesn't like seeing Habiba with another man, because he's soon telling her that he will break up with Honey so they can be together properly.

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But while Adam is planning to end things with Honey, she is totally oblivious to his philandering ways and gets the idea to propose to the dentist while chatting to Linda.

Jack and Adam make a deal

Honey plans to pop the question to Adam next week (Picture: BBC)

With Honey on cloud nine as she plans getting down on one knee, she's suddenly brought back to earth with a bump when she realises she's lost the keys to the shop.

Getting the idea to look at the CCTV to find when she last had them, Honey goes into full Miss Marple mode and goes to find Adam for help.

But little does she know, he's in bed with Habiba, and it's a close call when Honey narrowly misses catching them out.

Adam and Habiba discuss their relationship

Are these two about to get caught out? (Picture: BBC)

Going back to her CCTV idea, Honey does some detective work, but when she does, she gets the shock of her life.

What is Honey about to find out? And does her discovery mean the proposal is off?

EastEnders airs next week on Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.