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SHOCK as this soap favourite returns to HOLLYOAKS!

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The residents of Hollyoaks are in for a shock next week when a disgraced face returns to Chester...

The residents of Hollyoaks are in for a shock next week when Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) returns to Chester.

Maxine Minniver is back in Hollyoaks

Maxine Minniver slips back into Chester

Disgraced mum Maxine, has been off-screen since early autumn after leaving the village under a cloud of shame and jetting off to spend time with her sister Mitzeee in America following the dramatic exposure of all her lies and deceit.

Maxine Minniver

Maxine had a 'living funeral' ceremony after telling her devoted husband Damon she had just weeks left to live

Her terrible duplicity was rumbled when Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) found out that Maxine had been hoodwinking her husband Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) for months and contrary to her claims, was not suffering from a terminal illness.

Maxine and Damon

Maxine and Damon on their wedding day earlier this year in Hollyoaks

Viewers knew that Maxine, who tied the knot with Damon in a lavish ceremony, had been suffering from Munchausen’s syndrome but as her lies and deception escalated it was an oblivious Damon who was sent to prison for fraud.

In next Tuesday’s episode, Maxine slips back into Chester and is desperate to make amends with Damon who was forced to serve a short sentence behind bars.

However if Maxine thinks she can patch up the damage she’s done and walk back into Damon’s life she’s fooling herself.

Liberty Savage and Damon Kinsella get flirty

Damon Kinsella and Liberty Savage get flirty

She is deeply hurt when she spots her estranged husband from afar and sees him and Liberty Savage (Abi Phillips) flirting together.

Liberty Savage and Damon Kinsella get flirty

An upset Maxine watches from afar

Seeing how close the pair are, she immediately assumes the two of them have become a couple while she’s been away and are now dating.

However she’s not going to give up on him yet. A determined Maxine writes a heart-felt apology which she hands to her stunned husband and later on she borrows Peri’s makeup and gets all glammed up to try and impress him.

She may be desperate to win him back but is Maxine fighting a losing battle? Will Damon ever be able to forgive her for everything she’s put him through and what will the other villagers make of her sudden return to Chester?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4