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Shock twist heading for today's Home and Away as someone FAKES a DEATH!

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Today's Home and Away sees Robbo's plan spiral out of control...

Robbo and Jasmine find their lives under threat yet again when Robbo's meeting with the Ouroboros crime gang goes seriously wrong in today's Home and Away.

After getting no leads on the whereabouts of the elusive Dylan Carter, Robbo has been to desperate lengths to get the gang off his back by faking a death certificate and coroner's report.

Home and Away, Robbo

Desperate Robbo fakes Dylan Carter's death, but will it get him off the hook with the gang working against him? (Picture: Channel 5)

And when he meets with Des to hand over the documents, it seems he might just got away with the biggest bluff of his life when the gang appear to believe the documents are legitimate.

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But sadly for Robbo, they're not fooled and when the gang declare that he is no longer any use to them, he knows that it's bad news for him and Jasmine.

However, while Des and his gang are planning a way to bump off the newlyweds, desperate Robbo suggests they pool their knowledge to get to the bottom of where Dylan is hiding.

Home and Away, Robbo, Des

Robbo meets with gang member Des and attempts to fool him into thinking dodgy detective Dylan Carter is really dead (Picture: Channel 5)

But Des is suspicious, why would they want to work together when they don't even trust one another?

Robbo explains that with their leads on Dylan and his use of police resources, they're bound to find him faster if they team up, but it seems his pleas have fallen on deaf ears when Des and his gang drive off without another word.

However, by the end of the episode, an unconscious body is dumped on the side of the road from a car driven by Des.

Home and Away, Sean Coulson

Robbo's plan fails, but he is given a new lead when an unconscious body is dumped on the side of the road (Picture: Channel 5)

The mystery man isn't anyone we have seen before, but one familiar thing about him is the brand new carving in his skin of the Ouroboros gang logo... could this be the lead that Robbo has been waiting for?

Who is the man, and how will he lead Robbo to Dylan? And more importantly, will Robbo be able to find the answers quick enough to save Jasmine's life?

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