Sling TV adds NHL Center Ice as a standalone sports option

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Sling TV today announced that it's added NHL Center Ice as a premium subscription option. It's available whether you're on the Sling Orange plan, or the Sling Blue plan (or both), for $29 a month.

The subscription gets you up to 40 live, out-of-market games each week, from all NHL divisions all season long. And that's still in addition to all the games you get to watch on NBCSN, NHL Network, and on your local channels.

"We're thrilled to give our customers and hockey fans everywhere NHL Center Ice on SLING TV, which will offer the best NHL experience in the game," David Teplinsky, vice president of Programming and Strategy, SLING TV, said in a press release. "With the addition of live, must-see sports programming like NHL Center Ice, we continue to deliver better value and more choice to our customers who want a high quality streaming TV experience across traditional TV and mobile devices."

Sling TV starts at $30 a month for either the Sling Orange or Sling Blue plans. Each has its own slate of channels (with some overlap), and you can opt to subscribe to just one, or both for $45 a month. From there, you can build on your plan with a number of "Extras" packages, which add more channels for news, movies, entertainment or sports. Those packages also vary depending on whether you went for Sling Orange or Sling Blue. (Or, again, both.)

Sling TV currently is the No. 3 live TV streaming service in the United States, behind Hulu With Live TV and YouTube TV. It's as close as you can get to true a la carte streaming TV, with its smaller bundles of channels. But it also lacks nationwide coverage of local channels its competitors enjoy.

Other than that, though? 

Game on.

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