So Help Me Todd season 2 is coming to the UK — and very soon!

So Help Me Todd season 1 reunites Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin for a final outing of their legal comedy.
So Help Me Todd season 1 reunites Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin for a final outing of their legal comedy. (Image credit: Alibi)

There’s good news and bad news for UK fans of American screwball comedy import So Help Me Todd season 2 because this week the show makes its UK debut with ten new episodes, however, it also marks the last run of the Portland-based legal series, following its cancellation in April.

Where does So Help Me Todd season 2 pick up?

As the first outing drew to a close, mother and son crime-solving partners, attorney Margaret Wright (Marcia Gay Harden) and PI Todd (Skylar Astin), were facing mixed fortunes. 

She’d been promoted to partner in her law firm and he’d regained his private investigator’s licence. Yet their personal lives proved complicated, with the return of Margaret’s ex-husband Harry from Iceland and Todd’s love interest Susan getting hitched to her fiancé in Vegas.

The new series picks up shortly after these events, with both Wrights riding high professionally - until they aren’t!

“Our writer Scott Prendergast was interested in what happens when you finally get what you want and it's not what you expected,” says Marcia Harden. 

“Todd is on the way up, but there are still struggles. Margaret gets to be named partner but inherits the burden of the firm’s financial responsibility. She also has to deal with two guys, (new lover) Gus and (ex) Harry. What can I say - there’s going to be drama!”

Marcia and Skyler in character as the bickering mother and son.

A match made in TV heaven.  (Image credit: Alibi)

Somethings never change...

One thing that remains consistent in So Help Me Todd season 2 is the Wright’s winsome bickering dynamic at the show’s heart. 

In the opening episode, their opposing interests clash when high-profile TV presenter Jennifer Gianola (Days of Our Lives’ Lisa Rinna) is accused of murdering her colleague live on air and they individually scramble to solve the case. 

“There’s a new level of respect between them, but they’ll always feel that their way of doing things is correct,” says Broadway star Skylar Astin, whose small screen credits include Grey’s Anatomy and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

“There’s a ton of love, care, and affection underneath all the bickering - these two really need each other! I love that there’s a lot of bite and witty banter between myself and Marcia.”

“I love being in a comedy, there’s nothing like it,” agrees Marcia, who won an Oscar in 2001 for her role in Ed Harris’ biopic Pollock. “Todd’s a master of throwing lines in, while I throw physical things in. We love telling these stories!”

Guest stars in series 2 of So Help Me Todd

Upcoming cases feature financial scams, murder plots and a tricky opera diva, paving the way for an offbeat cast of guest stars…

“Jenifer Lewis (Black-ish) plays a fabulous Diva,” says Skylar. “We also have Dean Winters (30 Rock), Heather Morris from Glee, and some other really great people throughout the whole series.”

“Sandra Bernhard (Rosanne) brings her comedy chops to an episode,” adds Harden. “We’re all super sad it’s over. We’ve had a great run.”

Where can I watch season 2 of So Help Me Todd in the UK?

So Help Me Todd season 2 is available to watch on Alibi on Thursday 11 July 2024 at 9pm. The 10-part series airs weekly on Thursdays on the channel at the same time. It is also available as a box set on Sky Box Sets, Virgin TV Box Sets and NOW.

Marcia as Margaret in So Help Me Todd with a client and surrounded by a crowd.

So Help Me Todd season 2 verdict: An entertaining guilty pleasure.  (Image credit: Alibi)

So Help Me Todd season 2 episodes

Episode 1
Iceland was Horrible
Margaret and Todd tackle a case involving a murder on live local morning news and must rethink their working relationship after Todd decides to open his own PI business.

Episode 2
Your Day in Court
As Margaret and Todd work on two separate cases, Todd suspects a crime is happening in the courthouse right under their noses.

Episode 3
The Queen of Courts
Margaret and Todd defend the ‘Queen of Hearts’, a notoriously unscrupulous lawyer accused of orchestrating a fraudulent accident that resulted in the death of a ‘fake victim.’

Episode 4 
Dial Margaret for Murder
While in the hospital recovering from an emergency appendectomy, Todd is convinced he overheard a plot to murder someone. When Margaret realises her difficult but very important clients are interested in Todd's theories, she jumps into the role of private investigator and brings them along for the ride. Also, Todd gets to meet his personal guru, Dick Franks (Dean Winters), a grizzled veteran private investigator who shares the hospital room with him.

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