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Terror for THIS Emmerdale legend after shock collapse TONIGHT

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(Image credit: ITV)

Tonight's Emmerdale is definitely one you don't want to miss...

If there's one thing you do this evening, make sure it's tuning in for Emmerdale at 7pm on ITV.

Not only will the soap air the next twist in the Lydia Hart baby drama as she reveals exactly what happened when she got pregnant as a teenager, but there are also fears for legendary Eric Pollard as he suffers a shock collapse.

With David Metcalfe still determined to get through to adoptive son Jacob Gallagher following Maya Stepney's harrowing grooming, fans have watched as the desperate dad tried to befriend the schoolboy by joining an online gaming community.

Jacob vows to wait for Maya in Emmerdale

Jacob and David have been at loggerheads ever since Maya's grim grooming (Picture: ITV)

But while David's plan seemed to be working as Jacob opened up to his new 'friend' it seems the teenager isn't as daft as his dad thinks because tonight sees him work out that David and Leyla are behind his new online buddy.

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Jacob lures Leyla and David to the cafe, where he is having a trial shift with Bob. But once they arrive, Jacob's plan works a treat when they walk right into his trap and his suspicions that they're the online gamer are conformed.

Jacob, Leyla and David in Emmerdale

Tonight's Emmerdale sees Jacob work out that David has been befriending him online (Picture: ITV)

But as David and Jacob get into a huge fight about the betrayal, Pollard chases after them trying to keep the peace.

As Pollard struggles to get his son and grandson to see eye-to-eye, his health takes a turn for the worst when he starts to fight for breath, leading to him suddenly collapsing in the middle of the village.

David, Pollard and Jacob in Emmerdale

Pollard collapses as David and Jacob fight (Picture: ITV)

Concerned about Eric, Jacob and David leap to his aid, finally reunited in their fears for his health.

Could Pollard's shock collapse be what it takes to get the estranged pair talking once again?

And how will Eric be after his collapse? Will he be okay?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.