'The Girl Before' viewers stunned to spot four former 'EastEnders' stars in new thriller

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Jane in 'The Girl Before'
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Jane in 'The Girl Before' (Image credit: BBC/42/Amanda Searle)

The Girl Before viewers were all quite surprised to see so many former faces from EastEnders cropping up in the new gripping thriller that started on BBC1 last night!

The Girl Before is a new four-part psychological thriller that will be arriving on HBO in the US soon and explores the lives of two women who reside at One Folgate Street, a stunning but mysterious house found in London owned by shady architect, Edward Monkford (David Oyelowo).

Very few people get the chance to live in Edward's magnificent home. This is because Edward is extremely selective about who he allows to move into the home and because he has a huge list full of bizarre and particular rules that residents must abide by if they are accepted for the home. 

In the first episode, we're introduced to Jane (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) a woman who is the first person to be accepted for the home in three years. Although it initially seems like a dream place to live, she begins to uncover the home's shocking past; a woman called Emma (Jessica Plummer) lived and died inside the home before her.

We see their experiences of living inside the house unfold in parallel thanks to flashbacks with Emma and her boyfriend, Simon, played by Ben Hardy. Very quickly, plenty of similarities between the two women start to appear, and it seems more and more likely that Edward must have had something to do with Emma's death in the home.

It seems like some viewers might have been too distracted trying to figure out how many actors they recognized from EastEnders, though!

Ben Hardy and Jessica Plummer in 'The Girl Before'

Lots of viewers recognized Ben Hardy and Jessica Plummer from their time on the legendary BBC soap. (Image credit: BBC/42/Amanda Searle)

Plenty of people who tuned in for the first episode of The Girl Before were too distracted by the surprising number of former faces from Albert Square.

Lots of viewers headed straight to Twitter to point out just how many EastEnders actors had cropped up. Most were excited to see Ben Hardy (who played Peter Beale), Jessica Plummer (Chantelle Atkins), although others pointed out even more stars who'd once been seen in and around Walford.

Not only was Rakhee Thakrar, who played EastEnders' Shabnam Masood starring in the drama as Mia, but fans also spotted actress Amanda Drew, who once played Walford's Dr. May Wright. 

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Will anyone else from EastEnders crop up as the show continues over the next three evenings? There's only one way to find out...

The Girl Before continues tonight at 9 pm on BBC1. The entire series is currently available to stream right now on BBC iPlayer and will be coming to HBO Max in the US.

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