It's Health & Safety gone off piste! The Jump's roll call of snaps, scrapes and bone breaks

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The Jump returns to Channel 4 on Sunday with 14 new contestants ready to go downhill faster than they've ever gone before. Will they emerge with fewer injuries than 2016's disastrous series?

The Jump returns to Channel 4 on Sunday, with 12 more brave celebrities ready to plunge themselves down slopes, ski ramps and skeletons and triumph in the high-risk alpine contest.

Channel 4 says it thoroughly reviewed safety procedures following 2016's catalogue of injuries, where SEVEN celebs had to withdraw from The Jump due to mishaps...

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Already, former 2010 Big Brother winner Josie Gibson has hurt herself preparing for this series of The Jump.

According to TellyMix, Josie revealed: "I managed to sprain my knee while training in a dry ski centre, but luckily its healed quite quickly.

"People talk about how dangerous The Jump can be, but I once broke my wrist while doing a combat roll over my sofa, so you can really get injured anywhere."

She said of her time on The Jump so far: "I'm having the time of my life. I laugh every single day. My cheeks are aching by the time I go to bed.

"I've never even looked at a ski before doing this show, but I like to to think I'm becoming a bit of a pro now. One of the best things is the scenery in Austria – I cried when I saw how beautiful it was."

Let's hope that Josie and her 13 other competitors aren't crying for any other reason when the show launches on Sunday at 7.30pm.