The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Part 3: Kathy goes up against Lisa about her Aspen meltdown

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards wearing pink outfits
Kathy Hilton joins her sister, Kyle Richards, and the other ladies at part 3 of the reunion. (Image credit: Bravo)

It’s time to say goodbye to season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) with part 3 of the reunion. To go out with a bang, the ladies were joined by a friend-of the cast: Kathy Hilton.

One of the biggest moments (if not the biggest moment) of the entire season was when all of the women were in Aspen, Colorado at Kyle Richards’ house, and the final night ended with a meltdown from Kathy. The gist of it was that while out at a bar, Kathy got angry, demanded to go home and left with Lisa Rinna. What happened from there, according to Lisa, who was the only housewife there to witness it, was something she had never seen before in her life.

Lisa said that while Kathy talked about many of the women in a negative light, her focus was on Kyle and how she wanted to destroy her and her family. She also claimed that when they got back to Kyle’s house, Kathy was pounding on the walls and screaming. Kyle and Kathy had talked and made up after the incident, however, Lisa didn’t seem ready to let it go. Now, at the reunion, it was time to address the tirade.

Kathy’s sour mood started when Lisa ordered another tequila brand on camera when she had been trying to promote her own all season. However, Kathy was more upset with Kyle than Lisa, because she thought the gathering (that Kyle hosted) was a moment for her brand. “It was my fault, like everything always ****ing is,” Kyle said through tears. Kathy admitted that she didn’t think Lisa ordered the other tequila on purpose, but it did annoy her.

Lisa Rinna looking serious

Lisa Rinna recalls witnessing Kathy’s Aspen meltdown. (Image credit: Bravo)

Now it was time to get into the nitty-gritty of Kathy’s blow-up. According to her, they were out on the last night in Aspen and Kathy went to the DJ to request songs, however, his head was down and he didn’t see her. So she went to the manager and offered money for the establishment to put on some songs, but he said no. Kathy said she had been going to the bar on and off for 30 years, and other places in the South of France, London and Paris took requests. 

She suspected that annoyed the manager, and he told her to go back to Los Angeles. That’s when Kathy went to Kyle and said she wanted to leave. Kyle, however, said that it was how Kathy spoke to her in front of everyone, demanding her to leave. “I’m not proud of that,” Kathy said. When Andy Cohen asked the other women what they witnessed, Erika Jayne said that Kathy called the DJ a homophobic slur and walked out. Kathy denied the claim.

Andy confirmed that Bravo’s human resources department investigated the situation and concluded it was a she-said-she-said inconclusive situation.

At this point in the Aspen evening, Kathy and Lisa got into the sprinter van and left. “Kathy [was] screaming and yelling and venting and saying things that I have never heard in my life,” Lisa recalled. According to Kathy, she remembered venting and thinking she could do that with Lisa since they had known each other for a long time and they weren’t being filmed. In fact, halfway through her venting, Kathy claimed that Lisa said she was preaching to the choir, implying she understood or agreed with her.

Lisa detailed what Kathy said in the sprinter van, including that Dorit is “a stupid, useless idiot,” Crystal and Sutton are “pieces of ****” and “should be fired” and she would take Kyle and her family down if it was the last thing she did. Kathy didn’t remember saying any of it. When they got back to the house, Lisa said that she had to lock herself in her bedroom. “You were having a psychotic break,” Lisa said. According to Kathy, what she did say that night was that she feels like Kyle hates her sometimes.

When Kathy apologized to Kyle for her behavior on camera during episode 20, Kyle let her know that Lisa was coming over if she wanted to stay to talk to her. Kathy claimed that she tried calling Lisa on the phone, but Lisa wanted it to go down on camera, because her contract was coming up and she needed some drama. Then, Kathy went in on Lisa and how she drove Lisa Vanderpump off the show, how she treated her sister, Kim Richards, when she was on the show, how she had problems with Camille Grammer and how the list could go on and on. “You are the biggest bully in Hollywood and everyone knows it,” Kathy said.

Kyle was emotional through the whole conversation, but now the tears were really coming. Although Lisa felt like she was “abused” by Kathy in Aspen, she was letting it go right then for Kyle and Kathy to work out. Kyle didn’t want to know the specifics of what Kathy allegedly said about her to Lisa and wanted to move on with her sister. Andy brought up how people were questioning why Lisa was trying to get in the middle of sisters, to which she responded that she was traumatized by what happened. “So if you really want to go there, I saw the devil. You were a ****ing monster, and that was that,” Lisa said. “Okay, please, you guys,” Kyle chimed in.

This wasn’t the first time that Kyle and Kathy have had issues, and they’ve gone extended periods of time without talking before. This situation certainly didn’t help. Kyle expressed that she was so upset now, because it set them back and she’s tired of the bumps in their relationship. However, things suddenly switched and Kathy was now upset with Kyle, because she felt Kyle was “acting like a martyr” and it wasn’t fair to her. The conversation ended on a rather strange note, and the reunion discussion seemed to make things worse for the sisters.

Kathy left the set as her friend-of appearance was over, and that’s when Kyle broke down. During the commercial break as the reunion was wrapping up, Kyle asked Andy, “I’m really not okay right now. I don’t want to sit here for a toast. Can I leave?” 

But she got through the final recap of the season, and that’s all she wrote for season 12 of RHOBH.

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