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THIS Neighbours couple set to be ROCKED by double cheating scandal?

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It looks like Elly Conway could cheat on Mark Brennan once again - but this time it's not with his sister, Chloe...

Neighbours has hinted that Elly Conway is set to cheat on Mark Brennan once again - and this time it is with a familiar face who has arrived back in town.

Neighbours fans already know that Mark and Elly hit the rocks on their wedding day when it was revealed that Elly cheated on her groom with his own sister, Chloe.

Understandably Mark didn't take the news well, and just minutes after saying 'I do' the pair had hit the rocks.

Neighbours, Mark Brennan, Elly Conway

Mark and Elly's wedding ended in disaster when the truth about her night with Chloe was revealed...

But this week the pair agree to try and make their marriage work after it is revealed that Elly is pregnant - particularly as being a dad is something that Mark has always dreamed of.

However, there is more bad news to come for Elly.

While she knows that the baby is what is keeping her and Mark together, Elly is heartbroken to find out that she isn't actually pregnant next week, and that her home test gave her a false positive reading.

Neighbours, Elly Conway

Elly's NOT pregnant after all...

Knowing that this is going to spell trouble for her relationship with Mark, Elly struggles with the news, but decides that honest is the best policy.

However, when she gets home and faces the task of telling Mark, she can't bring herself to break the news, fearing that he is going to break things off with her once again.

Turning to drink, Elly uses alcohol to numb the pain... and when she is hungover, Mark mistakes her symptoms for morning sickness and this just makes Elly feel worse than ever.

Neighbours, Shaun Kelly, Bea Nilsson

Viewers will remember Shaun from his brief stint on the soap earlier this year...

As she heads to the Back Lane Bar alone to drown her sorrows, she meets a mysterious stranger and they spark up an instant connection.

But while the man might be unknown to Elly, it turns out that fans will know exactly who he is... it's Finn Kelly's brother, Shaun!

It remains to be seen just how far things go between Shaun and Elly... but could she give in to temptation and take things too far with her evil ex's sibling?

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