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Tracy Beaker drops on BBC iPlayer - everything you need to know about the classic series

Tracy Beaker BBC iPlayer

You can now watch all the Tracy Beaker episodes on iPlayer!

Tracy Beaker has just dopped on BBCiPlayer!

So, if you're bored during lockdown, why not take a trip down memory lane and experience the classic show?

For those not familiar, it's based on a Jacqueline Wilson novel and follows the lives of foster children.

Whether you're keen to give it a go or fancy a dose of nostalgia, here's everything you need to know about The Story of Tracy Beaker...

What is The Story of Tracy Beaker about?

Based on the bestselling novel by Jacqueline Wilson, it follows foster child Tracy Beaker (Dani Harmer) and those she lives with.

Tracy is known for her wild imagination and frequently lies to those around her about her real family.

She's also a rebel and a rulebreaker with quite the temper on her, which often lands her in trouble with adults at the home.

Despite her rebellious nature, Tracy is also surprisingly hopeful and even articulate at times.

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Tracy and the others all live in a house nicknamed "The Dumping Ground", and there's always plenty of drama and misadventures going on.

Throughout the series, we meet all sorts of children of different ages and backgrounds, and we see Tracy's relationships with them.

The first episode sees the return of Tracy Beaker after her latest fostering goes wrong.

Who stars in the series?

Dani Harmer stars as titular role Tracy Beaker, making it her breakout role in 2002.

Montanna Thompson plays Tracy's arch-nemesis Justine Littlewood, who she frequently clashes with during her time in the Dumping Ground.

Tracy Beaker BBC iPlayer

Montanna Thompson as Justine Littlewood. (Credit: BBC)

Justine was put into care by her father, who was unable to cope after the death of Justine's mother.

Tracy declares Justine her enemy after accusing her of 'stealing' her best friend Louise.

Justine bullies and taunts Tracy frequently throughout the series, and has even been known to physically assault people too.

Tracy Beaker BBC iPlayer

Chelsie Padley as Louise Goven. (Credit: BBC)

Louise Goven gets caught up in the new rivalry between Justine and Tracy, mostly siding with Justine.

However, she's a lot more mild-mannered and doesn't stand up for herself, and is sometimes taunted by Justine herself.

Who are the other stars?

Outside of this complicated trio, there's plenty of other memorable characters.

Head care worker Jenny Edwards (Sharlene Whyte) is in charge of The Dumping Ground. She's strict but genuinely cares about the children there.

Tracy Beaker iPlayer

Sharlene Whyte as Jenny Edwards. (Credit: BBC)

Norman "Duke" Ellington is a fan favourite, and is a care worker and chef in the home.

He's played by Clive Rowe, and is the friendliest of the care workers.

Duke works alongside Elaine Boyak (Nisha Nayar), more commonly known as "Elaine the Pain".

She's secretly disliked by many in the Dumping Ground, including Jenny.

How many episodes of Tracy Beaker can we watch?

BBC iPlayer has uploaded all 120 episodes, which is plenty of content to watch!

The Story of Tracy Beaker ran for a successful five seasons and even got a sequel.

So once you're done with this, you could give Tracy Beaker Returns a go.

Also available on iPlayer, this series follows a grown-up Tracy who returns as a care worker.