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TWO baby bombshells are heading to Emmerdale this Christmas… but which lives are set to change forever?


There's a double dose of baby drama heading to Emmerdale this Christmas...

Christmas is always a time for plenty of drama in soapland, and this year's Emmerdale certainly isn't any different when two families find their lives turned upside down by baby bombshells.

First to have their world rocked is Jacob Gallagher and David Metcalfe when they find a tiny baby abandoned on their doorstep on Christmas morning.

Jacob opens the door to find a baby on the doorstep in Emmerdale

Jacob and David are shocked when they find a baby on their doorstep (Picture: ITV)

Having recently got their lives back on track now that Jacob has realised that Maya Stepney ruined his life with her grooming abuse, Christmas at Farrers Barn is looking pretty perfect this year.

But as David, Leyla, Jacob and Pollard enjoy an idyllic Christmas morning together, their picture-perfect day is shattered when Jacob finds a newborn baby abandoned in a car seat on their doorstep.

The family are baffled by who would leave a baby on a doorstep, but all soon becomes clear when they find a note with the little one - and it's from Maya.

David wants to keep quiet about the baby until they know more in Emmerdale

David decides they should keep quiet about the baby until they know more... (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale fans will know that a heavily pregnant Maya was recently released from prison... but is the baby really hers? Or is someone playing a sick joke on David and Jacob?

David is initially unconvinced that the note is real and decides to keep the baby a secret from the rest of the village until they know more.

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But the big question is - who is the daddy? Jacob or David?

Meanwhile, Victoria Sugden spends Christmas oblivious to the fact her world is about to change forever when she goes into labour on New Year's Eve.

Victoria's waters break in Emmerdale

Victoria goes into labour on New Year's Eve (Picture: ITV)

Having been to a party with Amy Wyatt, mum-to-be Victoria can't keep up with the other partygoers and heads home before the bells chime midnight.

But as she gets back, she is shocked when her waters break, just as the fireworks start to welcome in 2020.

Victoria has given birth in Emmerdale

After a night in labour, Victoria welcomes her baby boy into the world (Picture: ITV)

After a night in labour with Diane by her side, Victoria welcomes a healthy baby boy into the world, and all worries about bonding with her child because of how he was conceived are forgotten when she looks into his eyes for the first time.

Victoria has given birth in Emmerdale

It's love at first sight when Victoria meets her son - all thoughts of Lee temporarily forgotten (Picture: ITV)

But with Lee's mum Wendy now in the village, how long will Victoria manage to stay in her perfect new-born bubble before the drama begins?

Emmerdale’s hour-long special airs at 7pm on ITV on Christmas Day, and another hour-long special airs at 7pm on ITV on New Year’s Day.

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.