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UNEXPECTED romance heading to Walford as EastEnders reveals FIRST LOOK at THIS shock pairing?

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Think of a couple you'd NEVER put together on EastEnders, and you might just have guessed who is going on their first date in the New Year...

There is shock heading to Walford in the New Year as EastEnders' ladies man Mitch Baker asks Honey Mitchell out on a romantic date.

While you might have never put Mitch and Honey together in a million years, it seems there could be romance on the cards as the pair share a date next year.

But with both their exes - Karen Taylor and Billy Mitchell - now also dating, things could start to get a little awkward.

Honey Mitchell is suspicious of Adam

EastEnders fans rejoiced when Honey finally ditched cheating Adam (Picture: BBC)

Billy has spent months waiting for Honey to see that her cheating dentist boyfriend Adam Bateman was doing the dirty on her.

But when she finally realised that Adam wasn't the man that she thought he was, Billy had finally moved on with his life by finding romance with Karen Taylor.

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But while Honey is still feeling fragile since her split from Adam, she reluctantly agrees to go out with Mitch, who decides to ask her on a date after Karen and Bailey rib him about his non-existent love life.

Mitch asks Honey on a date

Mitch asks Honey on a date, but will they be Walford's next big romance? (Picture: BBC)

The mismatched pair head out for a meal but, while things get off to a positive start, they soon turn sour when Honey orders a small salad to eat and Mitch confronts her about it with the usual lack of tact that he always shows.

Later Mitch dishes the dirt on his date with Bailey and Bernadette, but while he is spilling the beans and sharing harsh words about Honey, he has no idea that she has overheard everything.

But while Mitch is oblivious to how much he has hurt Honey, fans know that she has been secretly battling an eating disorder for months, something which has got a lot worse thanks to Adam's cheating ways.

Ash helps out Honey in EastEnders

Honey has been secretly hiding an eating disorder from her friends and family (Picture: BBC)

But while Adam never bothered to ask Honey about her problems, Billy is quick to realise something isn't right with his ex in the New Year and vows to help her.

After a series of events make Billy realise what is going on with Honey, he is caught out when Lola catches him researching eating disorders online.

EastEnders Lola Pearce and Billy Mitchell

Billy tells Lola he is worried about Honey, but will Honey let him help her? (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

He is forced to admit his fears about Honey and blames himself for not picking up on things earlier... but with Billy determined to help the mother of his children, will Honey let him give her the much-needed support she deserves?

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