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Vincent Simone and partner expecting 'miracle' baby

(Image credit: EMPICS Entertainment)

Strictly dancer Vincent Simone has spoken of his joy at being told he and his partner are expecting their second child just as they were preparing to start fertility treatment.

The pro dancer, who already has a three-year-old son Luca with partner Susan Duddy, said he was excited by the news.

Susan told Hello! magazine: "There was a big chance that we couldn't have any more children.

"It's a miracle really - a blessing. I was on the verge of going on medication to help me conceive when I found out I was pregnant."

Vincent said: "We're very happy. We're very excited - I'm the happiest dad."

And he said Luca is just as excited, saying: "He knows there is a baby in there somewhere.

"But then he said he had one in his belly, too."

The couple, who split up when Susan was pregnant with Luca, but soon got back together, say they're now closer than ever.

Susan said: "There have been a lot of obstacles and Vincent's work takes him away so much. But we've managed to overcome everything and as a result we've grown stronger.

"We have the same values. In some ways, we really complement each other. In others, we're very different. And at times we drive each other mad, but it just works. We have a very strong relationship. I think we could get through anything, really."