The Voice Kids UK: When it starts, who the judges are, what's the format and what the champion wins

the voice kids

The Voice Kids UK will launch in June and offers contestants aged seven to 14 the chance to impress the three judges and become national names!

The Voice Kids is coming to the UK and its launch date is just days away.

The new show aims to uncover Britain's next best young singing talent. Contestants aged between seven and 14 applied for the chance to perform on the show and sing their way into the judges' hearts. It will follow a very similar format as the adult show.

The Voice UK often had us enthralled as judges were painstakingly close to turning their big red chair. With the contestants on The Voice Kids sure to be adorable, it is fair to assume the judges job will be even harder than usual.

The youngsters will initially be singing for a spot in one of the judge's 12 berths and, ultimately, a life-changing sum of money. The Voice Kids offers a bursary of £30,000 towards the winners' musical education. On top of that they also win a family holiday to Disneyland Paris.

When does The Voice Kids UK start?

The Voice Kids starts on Saturday, June 10 at 7.30pm. It will start with the blind auditions followed by The Battles and then finally the semi-final and final.

There are no second chances for the judges in The Voice Kids because there are no steals! If the contestant does not make it through the battles, their journey on the show will end.

Watch a trailer of The Voice Kids below

Who will present the show?

emma willis the voice kids

The Voice Kids UK

ITV have confirmed Emma Willis will present the new series, but how different will it be to presenting The Voice UK? Emma said The Voice Kids is much more innocent.

She said: "It is really heart-warming, even if they don’t get a turn they are still so young that they have so much time to keep doing it so you know it is not the end of the world for them."

Who are The Voice Kids UK judges?

the voice kids

The Voice Kids UK

Global music star can't get enough of action. Fresh from his stint on The Voice UK he will return to his red chair as a judge for The Voice Kids UK. He and Emma are the only two people to feature on the new show and The Voice UK.

Pop star Pixie Lott and McFly frontman Danny Jones will join to judge the show in a panel of three. The judges will be on hand to offer their encouragement, advice and feedback to all of those who step on the stage, regardless of whether they turn their chairs.

Speaking about the new show said: "It is just raw emotion, both from the parents and the kids. The unfiltered-ness, the innocence. The kids aren’t jaded by the industry. There are a lot of adult singers who feel like it is their last chance, but these kids don’t have that. There is just nothing but joy."

In classic style he gave very little away about the contestants, but he did say 'They are super cool'. He added: "I could do this show for many years. It is nice."

So, we might be able to expect several series of The Voice Kids UK if this first one is a hit.

Pixie hoped the contestants will see her as a big sister. She said: "They all make me smile when I see them. They are so enthusiastic and it is amazing to be around them. But it is so hard saying goodbye through the different stages, it breaks my heart a little bit."

Danny is confident he has a winner in his team, but he admitted he struggled to tell girls and boys apart at first.He said: "At that age their voices haven’t broken. I was like, ‘is it a girl or a boy?’ That was hard. I was thinking, ‘I have got so many girls on my team, I need a guy,’ so there was a few I missed out on."

The Voice Kids UK launched on ITV Saturday, June 10 at 7.30pm