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Wedding drama in TONIGHT’S Emmerdale as the search for RUNAWAY BRIDE Lydia continues


Is Sam and Lydia's wedding doomed from the start?

Tonight's Emmerdale sees Sam Dingle and Lydia Hart's wedding day arrive... but where is the bride?

Emmerdale fans saw Lydia vanish into thin air on Monday night after her hen party took a dramatic turn.

Mandy's stranded in Emmerdale

Mandy lost Lydia on her hen night on Monday (Picture: ITV)

The bride-to-be was on her way to town with Mandy Dingle when she found the side effects of whisky tasting taking their toll... only for them both to be thrown out of the taxi in the middle on nowhere.

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But by the time Mandy had argued their case with the driver, drunk Lydia had vanished into the darkness on a country road, leaving Mandy frantically trying to find her.

But tonight's Emmerdale will see Mandy emerge from the undergrowth, only to find she has been passed out so long it is now daylight.

There's a mix up at Sam's stag do in Emmerdale

Sam enjoyed his stag, oblivious to the fact his wife-to-be was missing (Picture: ITV)

However, while the morning of Sam and Lydia's wedding has arrived, there is trouble when the bride-to-be is still missing.

An excited Sam is oblivious to the fact his wife-to-be is missing, while Leyla and Kerry are worried when they realise no one has seen Lydia all morning.

Sam's blown away in Emmerdale

Lydia gets back to the village just in time to marry Sam tonight (Picture: ITV)

Thankfully for everyone, Lydia finally makes an appearance at the last moment and it is a race against time for her to get ready for the wedding.

As Lydia walks down the aisle to marry Sam, the pair are the picture of happiness.

And thankfully for the pair, Lydia's disappearing act in the morning is the only drama of the day as they finally tie the knot in front of their friends and family.

By Friday's episode of Emmerdale the wedding reception gets underway and as Lydia drinks out of the Dingle family welly, she officially becomes part of the clan.

Is this the start of a long and happy marriage for the pair?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.