Who needs Netflix? The best free TV streaming service is now available in the UK

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If you only use your Netflix to watch all the classic and popular non-Original movies in its library, then you might not need the streamer anymore. That's because a massive free TV streaming service from the US called Tubi has just launched in the UK, with an absolutely massive library of content.

Tubi is a free and ad-supported streaming service from Fox; it launched in the US 10 years ago and has now arrived in the UK too. In the US it has 80 million users, which is more than the likes of Paramount Plus and Apple TV Plus do globally, and with its UK launch that number will only be going up.

You'll be able to use Tubi to watch from over 20,000 movies or TV episodes according to Fox, with content from Disney, Sony, Lionsgate, NBCUniversal and more. 

A quick browse of Tubi's homepage will show that it has absolutely loads of older must-watched movies. There are comedies like Happy Gilmore, rom-coms like Love & Other Drugs, horrors like The Ninth Gate, actioners like Kill Bill's two volumes and horrors like Child's Play. Some franchises are out in force like Twilight and Farscape.

There's also a smattering of newer popular movies; Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Happy Death Day, 2008's Robin Hood, Pacific Rim: Uprising and Olympus Has Fallen are part of the many newer movies in the library.

Unlike some other free streaming services, Tubi creates its own Tubi Originals, and these are mostly reality shows, true crime documentaries and low-budget horror movies.

Let's not forget the TV shows on Tubi; it has Mythbusters, Fresh Meat, loads of reality TV, old-school documentaries about random topics and a few UFO conspiracy shows too. But like free streaming rivals Plex and Pluto, movies are the real focus for Tubi.

Of course, not everything on Tubi is an absolute gem. But since you don't need to sign up to browse its library or watch anything on the streamer, it's easy to check its library for something new to watch before you break out the bank card for Netflix or another streaming service.

And there may be something on Tubi's library to win you over; I just saw that Wimbledon is on there, and I've been meaning to watch it given that the 2024 Wimbledon championship is going on right now.

You can watch Tubi in a range of ways: you can download its app on Android, iOS or many kinds of smart TV. It's also available via your web browser at https://tubitv.com/home and you can use this right now to browse the library and watch movies and shows.

In the US, Tubi gets new uploads all the time, so hopefully the new UK version of the streaming service will too.

Tubi is far from the first free TV streaming service in the UK with Pluto, Plex, Freevee and more all giving you ways to stream movies and TV shows without paying any money. And the more that get released, the less reason we have to pay actual money for fancy streaming services, which spend your subscription fees on new Originals that you might not even watch.

Tom Bedford
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