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With theaters still not a great idea, Tenet will hit home release on Dec. 15

John David Washington in "Tenet."
John David Washington in "Tenet." (Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Christopher Nolan's latest movie, Tenet, got its theatrical release. Never mind that theaters still aren't the best place to be mid-pandemic, the film was delayed multiple times, and it never actually showed in New York or Los Angeles — two of the biggest theater markets in the United States. And that it's only managed some $53 million domestically. That's not the film's fault.

The good news? If you're ready to try to wrap your mind around Nolan's latest thriller, it'll be available for home release on Dec. 15.

You'll be able to snag it on DVD for $29, Blu-Ray for $36, or as part of a 4K UHD combo pack for $45

Along with Disney's Mulan, Tenet was one of the bigger releases of 2020 to be delayed. The July 17 date slipped to August, and then again to September. Mulan, for its part, eschewed theaters entirely and became the first — and only — release on Disney+ Premier Access, which required an additional fee along with the monthly subscription to the service. It'll be available on Disney+ proper in December as well.

No word yet on digital availability for Tenet, but presumably it'll land at all the places you can buy and rent online, like Apple, Google, Amazon and others. And we wouldn't put it past HBO Max — which is owned by WarnerMedia, which also owns Warner Bros. — to use Tenet as a tentpole to try to bolster its signups that much more. (Not that subscriptions are HBO Max's problem — it's the branding differentiation between it and HBO proper that's confusing.)

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