Coronation Street spoilers: Aggie Bailey makes a shocking discovery!

Aggie Bailey is shocked by Dr Throne's behaviour.
Aggie Bailey is shocked by Dr Throne's behaviour. (Image credit: ITV)

Aggie Bailey uncovers the dark side to Mr Throne in tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Peter attends his consultation with Mr Thorne. When Mr Thorne feels Aggie Bailey is trying to make him look incompetent in front of a patient, he issues her with a verbal warning. Later, Aggie overhears him gloating to a colleague how he rushed Peter’s operation in order to win the bet. 

Will Aggie Bailey expose Dr Throne?

Will Aggie Bailey expose Dr Throne? (Image credit: ITV)

Kelly begs Imran not to take Alfie away from Abi. Meanwhile, Elliot confirms that he’ll be representing Abi at the custody hearing after his fees are being paid by a mystery donor. Later, Dean approaches hoping to score some drugs and Abi bungs him some cash to get rid of him. 

Ben shows Imran the pictures he took of Abi and Dean and suggests he’s willing to lie in court. Will Imran play dirty and accept Ben’s offer to gain custody of his son? Meanwhile, Abi visits Alfie in the neonatal unit... but what does she have planned? 

Dean threatens Abi's chances of getting custody of Alfie.

(Image credit: ITV)

Stu thanks Ken for letting him stay the night and later he serenades Yasmeen with a song by way of an apology. Yasmeen orders him to leave, but is this the end of the road for this pair or will cupid step in to help? 

Stu is desperate to make amends.

Stu is desperate to make amends. (Image credit: ITV)

Also, Craig reveals to Faye that Beth reckons he should dump her because she can’t have children. How will she react? David visits Max and breaks the news that he’s been expelled from school.

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 7.30pm.  

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