Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor is in grave DANGER!

What has Stephen got planned for Carla Connor?
What has Stephen got planned for Carla Connor? (Image credit: ITV)

Stephen sneaks in when Carla Connor is home alone in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Feeling better, Carla Connor announces she’s going to work. She assures Peter and Stephen that yesterday was a blip but as she goes to make a drink she smashes a mug and cuts her finger. Struggling to cope, she concedes that she needs another chat with Dr Gaddas who suggests she takes an extended break and goes back on her antipsychotic drugs. 

Having pocketed her keys from the factory, Stephen lets himself into the flat and checking Carla’s asleep, drops her keys back in her bag before heading into the kitchen and turning on the grill. 

Dee-Dee’s horrified to find Damon in the solicitor's office chatting to Adam. Revealing that it’s Damon who’s been making Nick’s life a misery, she orders him to sling his hook. When Adam suggests they should take Damon on as a client as he’s in need of legal representation and he’s loaded, Dee-Dee’s appalled at the idea. 

Adam wants to make a deal with the devil.

Adam wants to make a deal with the devil. (Image credit: ITV)

Daisy tells Daniel that everyone is back on board with the wedding apart from the florist. She bites the bullet and asks Tracy if she’d do the flowers, and she agrees, on condition that she and Amy are bridesmaids. Will Daisy agree? 

Will Tracy agree to help Daisy?

Will Tracy agree to help Daisy? (Image credit: ITV)

As a grumpy Evelyn opens her birthday cards, she relents and agrees to a small family gathering. She invites Roy who’s delighted to accept but will he turn up?

Faye’s a nervous wreck as Tim ushers Jackson and Miley into the house. 

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 8pm.

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