Coronation Street spoilers: Cassie Plummer causes TROUBLE

Cassie Plummer wants a family reunion.
Cassie Plummer wants a family reunion. (Image credit: ITV)

Evelyn Plummer panics when Cassie shows up in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street at 8.00pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Evelyn receives a call from the hospital, but chooses to ignore it. But after much soul searching, she calls back only to discover Cassie Plummer has discharged herself. 

Evelyn returns home to be met by Tyrone who reveals that someone called Cath has come to see her. Evelyn enters the living room and is horrified to see Cassie grinning at her from the sofa. When Tyrone enquires how they know each other, Evelyn’s thrown into panic.

When Stephen reveals that it’s Canada Day, Elaine forms an idea. Determined to win Owen round, Stephen invites him for lunch. In the flat, Owen levels with Stephen and admits that he doesn’t trust him and suspects he’s using Seagull Ltd to syphon money from Underworld and wants Jenny for himself. 

As Stephen tries to argue, the door opens and Elaine, Audrey, Sarah and Michael burst in waving flags and wishing him a happy Canada Day. Stephen paints on a smile, but he’s taken aback to clock Elaine scowling at him.

Stephen paints on a smile.

Stephen paints on a smile. (Image credit: ITV)

Spider encourages Max to do the right thing when Max tells him that the CPS want him to make a statement for Griff’s trial. With Shona at his side, Max meets with the CPS lawyer and confirms he’s willing to make a statement about how Griff groomed and manipulated him. 

Max agrees to give a statement.

Max agrees to give a statement. (Image credit: ITV)

Billy suggests to Paul that he could baptise him, but Paul refuses, adamant it’s not for him. But will he reconsider when Dee-Dee talks to him about her religion and  how it’s brought her comfort?

Adam finds Sarah and Michael celebrating in the Rovers. When Sarah enthuses about Owen and his passion for Nippersnapper, Adam gets the hump and storms out. 

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 8pm.

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