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Coronation Street spoilers: Craig Tinker and Faye are over!

Craig Tinker suggests moving out
Craig Tinker suggests moving out (Image credit: ITV)

Craig Tinker can’t get on Faye’s good side in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Craig Tinker asks Carla not to put Faye under pressure at work, but Faye tears a strip off him for humiliating her in front of her boss. Craig apologises for doing her head in but when he presents her with a special nightie designed to keep her cool and improve her sleep, she’s distraught. 

Later, he asks her if he should move back to his mum’s and, when she tells him to do as he pleases, he starts to pack up his things.

Over afternoon tea, Audrey’s attention is drawn to the arrival of Claudia and Charles in the hotel dining room. As Claudia rows with Charles, she’s amazed when Ken, Audrey and Rita pop out from where they’ve been eavesdropping. 

As they comfort Claudia, Rita remembers it was Audrey’s birthday recently, and Audrey announces, out of the blue, that she tried to kill herself. A stunned hush descends, broken by the arrival of a waiter with a cake, singing Happy Birthday to Audrey. 

Will this big reveal help Audrey back on the road to recovery?

Audrey makes a sombre confession.

Audrey makes a sombre confession. (Image credit: ITV)

Spider’s uneasy when fellow protestor Griff introduces himself to Toyah and she invites herself along to their demo. Back from the protest, Spider tries to convince her that Griff’s a loose cannon and she should steer clear as she’s on bail. 

Later, Leanne angrily accuses Spider of leading Toyah astray and predicts disaster around the corner.

Toyah gets further entangled in Spider's life.

Toyah gets further entangled in Spider's life. (Image credit: ITV)

Zeedan learns from Craig that the detective Stu accused of persecution took early retirement for a spurious reason, and he asks Craig to try and find out more. 

Later, Yasmeen and Zeedan receive letters from Stu begging them to visit him in prison but Yasmeen rips them up and bins them.

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 8pm.

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