Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy Midgeley makes a huge confession to Ryan

Daisy Midgeley opens up to Ryan.
Daisy opens up to Ryan. (Image credit: ITV)

Daisy Midgeley hides her concerns from Daniel in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

When Daisy Midegely spots a delivery van on the street, she suffers a panic attack and Ryan does his best to calm her down as she opens up about how she’s continually looking over her shoulder.

Carla Connor goes to see Dr Gaddas, describing how each time she’s suffered an episode, it feels like she’s tripping on drugs. Dr Gaddas prescribes her with diazepam and when the Americans arrive, Stephen reminds Carla how it’s imperative that she’s on top form. Carla can’t believe his nerve and as she takes charge, orders him to make the tea. Angry at being belittled, Stephen double doses her drink. 

As the meeting draws to a close and the LSD kicks in, Carla’s behaviour becomes erratic. With the Americans gone the girls celebrate the deal, but they’re interrupted by a worse-for-wear Carla who barks at them to get out of her factory. The girls are dumbstruck while Stephen allows himself a satisfied smile…

Stephen double doses Carla

Stephen double doses Carla. (Image credit: ITV)

Beth bristles as Fiz and Kirk reminisce about the time he proposed to her.

When a despondent Nick admits that neither Sam nor Leanne wants anything to do with him, Sarah has an idea. 

Tim points out to Faye that if she passes up the opportunity to get to know her daughter, she’ll regret it for the rest of her life. Will Faye listen? 

Adam confides in Peter and Steve that he’s worried about his business.

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 8pm.

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