Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne threatens Max!

Daniel Osbourne wants Max to own up.
Daniel Osbourne wants Max to own up. (Image credit: ITV)

Daniel Osbourne has had enough and gives Max an ultimatum in tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Daniel Osbourne apologises to an unforgiving Daisy and reveals that it was Max who maliciously shared Nicky’s images with the rest of the school. With no job and nowhere to live, the future looks bleak for Nicky and a guilty Daniel says she can stay at his place. 

Meanwhile, Jenny advises Daisy not to be stubborn and bury her pride before Nicky gets her claws in. When a reporter comes knocking at the flat, Nicky decides to give her a quote but she is horrified when the story goes online. In the street, Daniel rails at Max for ruining Nicky’s life. David leaps to his son’s defence, but Daniel’s had enough and asserts that it’s time Amy knew who spiked her drink and if Max doesn’t tell her, he will.

A guilty Daniel tries to help Nicky.

A guilty Daniel tries to help Nicky. (Image credit: ITV)

George refuses to let Eileen stay at his house, blaming Ridley, his over protective cat. But he’s shocked when he arrives home to find Eileen and Sean snooping round his garden. When Eileen tells him they were checking out his cat story, George is furious. 

Hearing about the abortive trip to George’s house, Todd resolves to get to the bottom of it. When George eventually confesses to Eileen, she tells him not to be so ridiculous and insists he stays the night. However, it’s clear George is worried.

Eileen and Sean snoop around George's place.

Eileen and Sean snoop around George's place. (Image credit: ITV)

At No.4, Sally tries to broach the subject of their disastrous love-making, but Tim refuses to discuss it, leaving her annoyed. Later, Tim presents her with some flowers to say sorry for snapping at her and after a lovely meal, Sally suggests an early night. When Tim admits he’s worried and embarrassed about his impotence, Sally assures him she’s happy to settle for a hug.

Tim admits he is embarrassed.

Tim admits he is embarrassed. (Image credit: ITV)

Amy calls at the factory and begs Carla to give Jacob a job. Carla’s incredulous, but can’t help admiring her cheek and offers Jacob a trial.

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm.

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